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Setting email alert when backup limit exceeds

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If you have hosted your website on a VPS or a dedicated server, you might like to get an update if the current backup disk-space limit exceeds.

Email alert script

So here is a step by step process to create a disk-space monitoring script that can send you an email if the backup limit exceeds.

You must be already having root access to your server.

Step: 1. Login to your server with SSH

Step: 2. Run the following commands to create a script:

Step: 3. Now by using a text editor like nano create the following script:

Change the address and the 10 threshold below:

Step: 4. If you were following along and using nano to edit this file, you can now press Ctrl-O to bring up the write file dialog, and then press Enter to save the changes.

Now once a day your server will check to see if the disk-space usage is over the current level of automatic backups or not.

If the limit exceeds, you will receive an email at the email address you entered in the script.

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