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How to Upload an SSL Certificate on Webuzo?

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Webuzo accepts a third-party SSL certificate that you can install or directly upload on the hosting.

Note: You must have a Private Key ready for the domain before you generate or upload the SSL Certificate on it.

To Create an SSL Certificate

1. Log in to your Webuzo user account.

2. Go to the SSL section and click on Certificates.

generate/upload ssl in webuzo

The Certificate panel will open with two sections- Generate a Certificate and Upload a New Certificate.

3. Go to the Upload a New Certificate section and insert or paste the certificate details in the Paste your Certificate here field and click Upload.

upload ssl certificate details on webuzo

With it, Webuzo will directly upload the SSL certificate details on the hosting. Alternatively, if you have a .crt file on your local machine, you can upload it in that form.

  • Click the Choose File button under Choose the .crt file.

It will show a soft copy of the SSL certificate file.

  • Click Upload.


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