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How To Use File Manager In Plesk?

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In order to access the file manager and to perform various tasks in it, you need to login to the Plesk control panel first and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to Plesk and click on ‘Domains’
  • Click on the particular domain for which you need to use the control panel
  • Select the option ‘Show More’
  • Click on ‘File Manager’

Now you have logged in to the file manager of your domain. Here, there are many options open to you for managing the content of your website. Some of the key functions are mentioned below:

Creating Files And Directories

  • For creating a file in file manager, first click on ‘New’.
  • Select the option ‘Create New File’.
  • You can also choose the option ‘Create New Directory’ from the same place.

Change The Name Of Files/Directories

  • In order to change the names of the files and directories through the file manager, all you have to do is right click on the empty space next to file/directory and choose ‘Rename’ from the menu that appears after right click

Upload New Files

  • File manager also provides you with the option to ‘Upload’ new files, you can easily move your current files or copy files from one directory to another.

Change Permissions Of Files/Directories

  • You can also use the file manager for changing permissions. For this, you need to click on the file or directory for which you want to change the permissions and select the option ‘Change Permissions’.

Copy Files Or Directories

  • It is also very easy to copy the files or directories through the file manager. You have to check the box present next to the file and/or directory for which you want to copy the files and then click on the ‘Copy’ option present at the top of the file manager. After the prompt appears, enter the name of the directory that you want to copy the file or directory to.

The same procedure mentioned above is repeated if you wish to move a file or directory from one location to another.

Delete A File Or Folder

  • If you want to delete a file or a folder present in your domains content folder, you will have to check the box present next to the file or folder that you want to delete and then click on the ‘Remove’ button.

Edit Text Files

  • You can also edit any text file that is present in your server through the file manager. Once you have located the file that you want to edit, right click on it and select the option ‘Edit in HTML Editor’ or ‘Edit in Text Editor’. Any of these options will work for you for editing the files.
  • In case you are editing the files in the HTML editor, after editing the file, click on the ‘Save’ option on the bottom.

It is the same with the Text Editor. After editing the file, click on the ‘Save’ option.

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