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What Are MIME Types And How To Add Them?

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MIME stands for Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. MIME Types is a standard way of classifying file types on Internet. Web servers and browsers maintain a list of MIME Types so that they can transfer same files in same way regardless which Operating System is used.

MIME Types has 2 parts, type & sub-type which are separated by a slash (/). Together, the complete MIME type is application/msword. MIME types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions. For example, the text/html MIME type equates to .htm, .html, and .shtml extensions on most servers, and this tells your browser to interpret all files with those extensions as HTML files. You can alter or add new MIME types specifically for your site (note that you can not alter the system defined MIME type values). MIME types are often used to handle new technologies as they appear. When WAP technology first appeared no one had these extensions set up on their server. With MIME types, however, you could have set it up yourself and begun serving WAP pages immediately.

1. Login to your cPanel.

2. Click on MIME Types under Advance section.

cPanel MIME Types

3. It will show System MIME Types which are installed on the server/system. You can add your custom ones on the server as well. They will be listed under User Defined MIME Types. To add your custom ones, add them under the heading Create A MIME Type with the MIME Type & it’s extension. For example, the MIME type for Microsoft Word files is application and the sub-type is msword.

cPanel Create a MIME Types

cPanel System MIME Types

With Plesk control panel, select the domains for which you need to enable them. Under the group Files, look for an option Virtual Directories. Select the Tab MIME Types to add them.

If you are unable to add it, contact our support team & they will add it for you. MIME Types are available with our cPanel shared hosting & Windows Plesk shared hosting plans.

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