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What If Tracert Shows That Connection Is Timed Out At Some Point?

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If it happens that your connection times out at some node, it generally means that at some point during your connection with our server, your IP is blocked. There are some easy quick fixes that can be implemented:

  • Get in touch with us and provide us with your IP address in order to check if it is blocked from our end or not. If you are not aware of your IP address, you can get it from –
  • Contact your ISP and request them to change your network that is routing to our server.
  • You can use the Namebench software. This software enables you to re-route the connection yourself. You can download this software through –
  • Try using the CloudFlare CDN as it provides you and your users with a cached copy of your website. This helps in increasing the uptime of your website and improves the overall website performance as well.
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