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What is JBoss Hosting?

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What is Jboss ?

Jboss also known as JavaBeans Open Source Software Application server is an application server that implements the Java platform as well as Enterprise edition of Java. Jboss is a cross platform application server which works on any operating system which Java installed. Jboss was awarded the best application server in 2002 by Java world editor forum and since then it has improved a lot.

Jboss can be used to create PC to mobile media streaming, single sign on user authentication, Search Application and internet application development. Hundreds and thousands of professional open source developers have contributed to open source community making it the most widely used Java Application server.

Benefits of Jboss

  • JAAS security
  • Connection Pooling,
  • Seamless Clustering
  • Cashing and Persistence
  • Support for JNDI, JTS/JTA,
  • Tomcat or Jetty Servlet/JSP
  • JCA and JMS Support

Jboss Hosting in India

Jboss being resource intensive application server, it requires virtual or dedicated resources to run. MilesWeb offers secure, reliable and flexible virtual private JBoss hosting and managed dedicated JBoss hosting.

All of our JBoss hosting packages feature private JVMs, your choice of JBoss server (4/5/6/7), Unlimited MySQL 5 databases and PostgreSQL 8 or PostgreSQL 9 databases.

We also offer SSH access on our virtual private servers and Dedicated Servers. You can also Start/Stop/Restart your server through control panel, and one-click mapping to run your web applications on port 80 via standard HTTP.

Jboss Hosting Features

  • Easy Management with cPanel
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Support for PHP, PERL and CGI Bin
  • 24×7 Support & Monitoring
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Please feel free to contact our sales support for any query related to Jboss hosting. For Jboss hosting service, you can also consider Cloud Hosting.

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