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What is Skeleton Directory and how can you use it?

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At the beginning resellers starting web hosting businesses are unaware of many features of WHM. From all the WHM elements, Skeleton Directory is an important one. This may arise a question, what is the Skeleton Directory and what is its use?

Skeleton Directory is a storage place where a hosting reseller puts all the temporary homepage for all the new web hosting user accounts that are created in the WHM panel. This tutorial will reveal the exact location of the directory and how can use it.

Perform the following steps to do so :

1) Log in to your WHM panel.

2) On the WHM main page, click on the Account Functions link. After clicking the link the page gets reload and shows you the functions available into the Account Functions.

3) Click the Skeleton Directory link to get the directory. A directory is a place where you can put a temporary web page for the new web hosting accounts created. The default homepage gets displayed in the visitors’ browsers until a new homepage is uploaded to the hosting account.

4) To change the temporary homepage, use an FTP program or the File Manager and upload another homepage into your main cPanel account.

Now, if you are a reseller or going to start own reseller web hosting business, then make sure you make use of the Skeleton Directory by uploading a decent temporary homepage into it.

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