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What to do When you Can’t Access your Website?

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There are some minor problems in the applications or system that prevent you from accessing your website. It is a common issue that you can resolve with a few easy steps.

If your website does not load, you should first check it is a local issue.

To Check if your Website is not Loading Due to a Local Issue

  • Load your website from a different device or browser. You can instantly ensure if the issue is related to your current browser cache or not.
  • Clear the DNS cache. If it doesn’t work, restart your modem or router.
  • Try to browse and access your website with a proxy tool. There are various tools available online of which, we recommend ProxySiteKProxy and Geopeeker.

If you can access your website with the proxy tool, the problem is due to a local issue.

To Resolve the Local Issue to Access your Website

NOTE: If none of the steps above work and you still cannot load your website, please contact us via Live Support and, we’ll be happy to help you with the issue!
Please make sure to provide us your local IP. You can get your local IP by browsing the given link:

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