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Why Should I Get A Dedicated IP Address For My Website?

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What is a Dedicated IP address?

IP stands for internet protocol. A Dedicated IP is a unique address allocated to a single domain or website. Every domain and server in the web is linked to an internet protocol. An IP is the real address of the domain, website or server. Domains were introduced because it’s not easy to remember the websites by IP address. Dedicated IP is mostly used by high traffic websites and eCommerce websites for secure online transactions.

What is a Shared IP address?

An IP assigned to multiple websites/domains is called shared IP address. On shared servers, many domains are hosted and all those domains shares the server’s IP address.

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What are the benefits of using a Dedicated IP address?

There are a number of advantages of using a Dedicated IP. Below mentioned are some of the most important once:

  • Anytime you can browse your website with the dedicated IP address. Even before updating the name servers, you can test your website with the dedicated IP address.
  • Dedicated IP provides better stability and maintains your website reputation. On a shared server many websites use the same IP address. If one of the user’s website gets flagged for malicious activity or if the IP gets blacklisted then everyone using the shared IP will have to face the consequences. With dedicated IP you don’t have to worry about the other users activity, you have better control over your website and it’s reputation.
  • Using shared IP may affect your email service because at times due to the activities of other users the shared IP may get blacklisted for email spamming. Using a dedicated IP for email service will isolate you from other users. Your email service will not be affected by suspicious activity of other users .
  • For eCommerce websites, it’s highly recommended to have a dedicated IP and SSL to protect the customer’s data and transaction details. Customers would feel more comfortable to enter their credit card details for making online payments. This will help to boost the conversion rate.
  • Google recommends every website to opt for dedicated IP and SSL to keep everyone safe on the web. Website with https will be given priority in search engine rankings.
  • Major search engines like Google check the IP address of a website to gauge the authenticity of the inbound links. A website using shared IP may have negative impact on the SEO results because of other website backlinks pointing to the same IP address. It’s definitely good to have a dedicated IP, if you don’t want to become the victim of the search engine algorithm.

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  • Some applications and scripts require a dedicated IP to run on the server.
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