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How To Change The Order Of Page Content In Drupal?

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Just like any other CMS, the latest page content is featured on the top of a Drupal website. If you wish to portray any specific content or article above all the other content, then you can do this by using the ‘sticky’ option.

For using the stick option:

  • Go to ‘Administrator’ >> ‘Content Management’ >> ‘Content’
  • Click on ‘Edit’ for the article that you wish to stick
  • You will come across the ‘sticky’ option under ‘Publishing options’
  • Select the option ‘Sticky at top of lists’
  • Click on ‘Save’

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If you wish to change the order of the content that is already published, you will have to edit the publish date of those content items.

For changing the publishing date:

  • Go to ‘Administrator’ >> ‘Content Management’ >> ‘Content’
  • Click on ‘Edit’ for the preferred article
  • Select the option ‘Authoring information’
  • Edit the option ‘Authored on’ accordingly

It is important to take into consideration that the content items having the most recent publishing dates will be displayed on the top.

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