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How To Execute The MediaWiki Update Script Through A Browser?

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While upgrading the MediaWiki CMS, it is important to run the update.php file from the command prompt. This might be an issue if you do not have the SSH access to your account.

However there is a way to run the MediaWiki update script through your browser, refer to the steps mentioned below:

  • Change the name of LocalSettings.php to something else (for example – LocalSettings-old.php)
  • Access your website in the browser and start the installer
  • Fill in all the fields like MySQL user, database and password with the same information of the existing installation
  • Start the installation process – the installation script will detect the existing database tables and upgrade their schema
  •  Delete the new LocalSettings.php file that you had created
  • Change the name of the old file (localSettings-old.php) to LocalSettings.php

This completes the process of MediaWiki script update through your browser.

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