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How To Generate SSH Key On Windows With Putty?

It is possible to generate an SSH key on Windows through Putty SSH client. Putty can be downloaded for free online.

For generating a key with Putty, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download and start the puttygen.exe generator.
  • In the parameters section, select ‘SSH2 DSA’ and click on Generate.
  • Randomly move your mouse in the small screen for generating the key pairs.
  • Enter a key comment that will identify the key, this is useful when you are using many SSH keys.
  • Enter the passphrase and confirm it. This paraphrase protects your key. You will be prompted to enter the passphrase when you connect through SSH.
  • Click on ‘save private key’ for saving the private key.
  • Click on ‘save public key’ for saving the public key.

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