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How to Avoid Downtime While Migrating from One Host to Another

Approx. read time : 2 min

At times it becomes inevitable to move out of your host and grab a new hosting provider owing to multiple reasons. However, to achieve a seamless and hassle free migration without downtime jot down the following points.

a. Backup all the data from your current host server with the help of cPanel/Plesk control panel depending upon the platform of your hosting. It is recommended to make multiple copies of backup and have them stored at different locations for safer side.

b. Go to and order a hosting plan suiting your needs.

c. Following activation of your hosting account, start uploading the backed up data to our server by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or File Manager. VPS and Dedicated server users can consider ssh to serve the purpose.

d. Once done, grab the nameservers from Welcome Email and assign them to your domain from the registrar or registration service provider’s end.

e. Lower the TTL (Time To Leave) value at your current host server and our server. This will ensure zero or no downtime to your site.

f. Furthermore, once your site starts resolving from our server after propagation all over the internet, go ahead and close down your account at the old host.

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That’s all folks !