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How To Copy Or Duplicate An Existing Database With phpMyAdmin?

Approx. read time : 2 min

You might need to copy or duplicate an existing database for testing the changes made on your website or for any other similar reason. This tutorial provides you steps for copying or duplicating an existing database through phpMyAdmin without breaking your website:

  • Login to your cPanel control panel.
  • Navigate to phpMyAdmin.

  • When you click on phpMyAdmin, a list of databases will be displayed on the left hand side, select the database that you wish to copy.


  • Click on ‘Operations’ present on the top menu and a list of all the possible actions that can be done with the database will be displayed.

  • Look for an option that says ‘Copy database to:’ and in the text field enter the name of the new database.
  • Click on ‘Go’ and the database copying process will start.

The database that you have newly created will be displayed under ‘MySQL Databases’ in your web hosting control panel and it will also be displayed in the phpMyAdmin’s list of databases.

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