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How to install an application/software through Softaculous?

Approx. read time : 2 min

It’s very easy to install number of applications from Softaculous. To access the Softaculous, log in to your cPanel control panel, go to Software/Services and click on the Softaculous icon. A complete new page will be open where you will get to see the list of applications supported by Softaculous. On the left hand side the application list is displayed category wise and on the top right corner few settings tools are listed. More than 300 applications can be installed through Softaculous.

If you click on the category Blogs, you will see a list of blogging software like WordPress, b2evolution, Dotclear, eggBlog etc. Similarly if you click on other categories it will expand and you will get to see the list of applications which can be installed within few clicks. An overview of every application with demo is available. Select the application you wish to install and follow the guidelines.

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