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How To Manage Blogs In b2evolution?

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This tutorial talks about managing the blogs on your b2evolution website. This application enables you to create two or more blogs simultaneously for publishing them on the same website. This facilitates easy management of the blog.

For creating and managing blogs on your b2evolution website, you first need to login to your website as an administrator and then you can see a list of blogs on your website.

Steps For Managing Blogs:

Step 1 – Create A New Blog

When you go to the dashboard of your b2evolution website, a list of current blogs on your website will be displayed. In order to create a new blog, you have to click on the option – ‘New Blog’.

You will be asked about the type of blog that you want to create. There are 5 types of blog that you can create in b2evolution:

Standard Blog: This is the most basic blog option through which you can set up a simple blog with posts.

Photo Blog: This type of blog enables you to create a gallery for publishing photos and galleries on your website.

Group Blog: This type of blog enables you to assign various users for the blog. In this way, you can provide access to authors, editors, and publishers for your blog.

Forum: You can create a forum community for your blog through this section.

Manual: This section enables you to create a manual, guide or book.

For this tutorial, we will explain the process of creating a standard blog for your website.

  • First click on the ‘New Blog’ option.
  • In the section – ‘What kind of blog would you like to create?’ select the ‘Standard Blog’ option.
  • The next step enables you to select the skin for your blog. A list of predefined skins will be displayed and you can choose one from them.
  • Enter the specifications of the blog. You have these options:
    • Title: Create a title for the new blog.
    • Short Name: Enter a short name for the new blog; this name will be used in the main menu.
    • URL: Enter the URL for the new blog.
    • Owner: Designate the owner of the new blog who will manage the blog.
    • Main Locate: Set up the main locate or the location for the new blog.
    • Long Description: Enter a long description for your new blog. With this description, people will be able to easily find your blog in the search engines.

Step 1 – Edit Blogs

If you want to edit any blog that already exists on your website, you can easily do this through your dashboard when you login as an administrator. You will be shown a list of the current blogs present on your website. You will see that there is a list of options next to every blog, you can modify these options. Click on ‘Edit Properties’ next to the blog that you want to edit.

You have the access to distinct features that you can modify for your blog. These features are divided in various tabs that can be reviewed for more information.

Step 1 – Delete Blogs

To delete any existing blog from your website, you have to login as an administrator and go to the Dashboard. A list of blogs for your website will be presented. You will see a ‘Delete’ option next to the blogs. Click on this button for the blog that you want to delete.

When you click on ‘Delete’, you will also have to click on ‘I am sure’ button to completely delete the blog.



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