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How To Install Drupal Through Softaculous?

Approx. read time : 2 min

If you wish to set up your website through the Drupal CMS, you can easily install it through Softaculous. Drupal installation process is simple and will be done in just a few clicks. There is no need for you to have any technical, coding or design skills for installing Drupal through Softaculous.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Once you enter the cPanel dashboard, click on ‘Softaculous’ that is present in the ‘Software’ section.
  • In order to start the installation, point to the ‘Drupal’ icon that is present in the list of applications and click on ‘Install’.
  • Your next step is to fill in all the necessary information about the Drupal application. First select a domain and a sub-folder you wish to install Drupal for.
  • If you want the installation to be the primary one for your domain, the ‘In Directory’ filed should be left empty.
  • The ‘CRON Job’ field can be left to its default settings.
  • Next, you have to fill in the login details. Enter your admin username and password and click on the ‘Install’ button present at the end of the page to complete the installation.

It’s done! Your Drupal CMS is now successfully installed.

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