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How To Install Joomla Extensions?

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Although Joomla comprises of many in-built functions, you can add a completely new functionality to your website through extensions.

First thing that you need to do in order to add the extensions is login to the Joomla administration area. After logging in, access the ‘Joomla Extension Manager’ by going to Extensions >> Manage >> Install.

Once you are in the Extensions manager, there are three ways in which you can install Joomla extensions, they are mentioned below:

#1 : Install By Uploading Package File

This is one of the most easy and convenient options for installing extensions. All you have to do is click on the ‘Or browse for file’ option, browse and reach the location of your extension’s archive present on your local computer, select it and upload it.

#2 : Install From Directory

This option is appropriate for large extensions that exceed the PHP upload Filesize limit and cannot be uploaded through a package file. It is convenient to upload such components, modules or plugins through FTP into a folder in your hosting account as FTP can transfer the bigger files. Once the extension directory is uploaded to your hosting account, go to ‘Extensions Manager’ and click on the ‘Install’ button. Joomla 3 version will look for the folder that you have specified and it will install the extension if it is uploaded perfectly.

#3 : Install From URL

The third option available for installing Joomla extensions is installing them directly through a URL. All you have to do is enter the direct address of the zip archive along with the extension that you wish to install and click on the ‘Check and install’ option. Joomla 3 version will download the file, extract it and it will carry out the necessary installations for you.

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