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How To Optimize Drupal For An Efficient Performance?

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Drupal is one of the most widely used content management systems that offers stability and excellent performance for any type of website. However, if you don’t maintain this CMS perfectly, it might end up working slow.

Here are some important tips for optimizing Drupal:

#1 Enable Caching For Drupal:

  • For enabling Drupal caching, first login as administrator and then go to >> Site Configuration >> Performance
  • Under the ‘Block Cache’ option – Select ‘Enabled (recommended)’
  • Click on ‘Save configuration’

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#2 Optimize The Drupal Database:

  • Install the DB Maintenance module on Drupal
  • Once the module is installed and activated, access it through your Drupal admin login – Administrator >> Site configuration >> DB maintenance
  • Select the tables that you want to optimize and click on ‘Optimize now’

#3 Optimize The Files:

  • Login to Drupal admin area
  • Go o Site Configuration >> Performance
  • Along with enabling your cache, you must also enable ‘Page compression’, ‘Optimize CSS files’ and ‘Optimize Java script files’

#4 Disable and remove all the modules that you are not using

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