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Resolve broken images links in WordPress

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The article guides you on how to resolve a problem that may occur when you try to add images to a WordPress post.

What is the problem?

When you add a post in WordPress that contains images, the images appear as broken links in the post body.

What is its resolution?

To resolve such problem, you need to set the correct file permissions. Importantly, the wp-content/uploads directory and subdirectories under it must have their file permissions set to 755. Also, all files in these directories must have their file permissions set to 644.

Note: If you have installed WordPress into the primary domain’s document root directory, then the full path will be /home/username/public_html/wp-content/uploads, where the username denotes your account username. In case, you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory or subdomain, then the wp-content/uploads directory get located in a subdirectory beneath /home/username/public_html.

To set the right file permissions for these directories and files, you can use the cPanel File Manager.

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