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How To Show RSS Feed In WordPress?

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RSS is the abbreviation for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. This is a web based feed format used for publishing frequent updates or for publishing website content.

Publishers get benefit from RSS feeds as RSS feeds enables them to syndicate their website content automatically. Readers get benefit through web feeds as they receive timely updates if something new is posted on their preferred websites.

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WordPress provides you with the option to easily incorporate the RSS feeds in your website. In order to do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Login to your WordPress admin area and go to ‘Widgets’ present in the ‘Appearance’ section.

Step 2 : Click on the ‘Add’ button present next to the RSS widget.

Tep 3 : In the ‘Current Widgets’ section present on the right hand side, click on the ‘Edit’ option for the RSS widget.

Step 4 : Enter the RSS feed URL, entering the title is optional and check the item details in order to display (optional).

Step 5 : Click on ‘Done’ and then click on ‘Save Changes’ for publishing the RSS feed in your blog.

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