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How To Use Magento Multistore?

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The main use of the Magento multistore functionality is to set up multiple stores that can be accessed on different URLs for the same Magento installation. All the stores present under the Magento multistore installation are connected to the same backend, this makes the administration easier.

The first step for setting up Magento multistore is to have Magento installed, you can install Magento either through Softaculous or manually. You can start building the multistore after installing Magento.

Refer to the steps mention below for adding a new store:

  • Login and go to the backend of your Magento installation
  • Go to ‘catalogue’ and click on the ‘Add Root Category’ option
  • Enter the name of your store
  • Select the ‘Yes’ option through the drop down menu of the ‘Is Active’ option
  • Click on ‘Display Settings’ and select ‘Yes’ from the drop down menu of the ‘Is Active’ option
  • Save the category

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Once the category is saved, a new store can be created with the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to ‘System’ and click on ‘Manage Stores’
  • Click on the ‘Create Website’ option
  • Enter the name of your website, example – and for code we will use the example – mywebsite.
  • Save the website
  • Create on the ‘Create Store’ button
  • Select for the ‘Website’ and ‘Root Directory’
  • Save the store and click on the ‘Create Store View’ option
  • Select the new store that you created from the drop down menu (
  • Select ‘Enabled’ for the store status
  • Click on ‘Save the store view’

The last part of completing the store creation is to configure the store settings through your Magento configuration. For that, refer to the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to System > Configuration
  • Select the store that you created from the ‘Current Configuration Scope’ drop down menu present on the left hand side
  • Go to the ‘Web’ tab, uncheck the option – ‘Use Default’ present next to ‘Base URL’
  • Change both the ‘Secure’ and ‘Unsecure’ URLs to your domain
  • Save the configuration
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