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‘Verified By : Not Specified’ Notice is Shown By Firefox For My SSL Certificate

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The commercial or private SSL certificates are signed and authorized by trusted certification authorities. These organizations ensure that the content present on the websites is perfectly encrypted through the SSL certificate.

Therefore, if your website comprises of unauthenticated content (this means if it contains both secure and non-secure items), the page you access through the secure HTTPS protocol cannot be verified.

If you are working with a CMS for your website, it is important for you to check the settings of the CMS in order to configure all the links so that they work with your SSL certificate.

In case you own a static website, you must modify all items present in your pages so that they can be accessed through HTTPS. These items include Flash animations, images, Java scripts, movies, videos, external links etc.

Once all the items are accessed through a secure connection, Firefox will display your SSL certificate issuer information next to the ‘verified by’ field.

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