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Bolster your website's protection cyber threats with MilesWeb's SSL certificates, providing peace of mind for you and your visitors.

  • Stronger encryption, business validation.
  • Domain validation for sites with low data sensitivity.
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Choose the Right SSL Plan for Your Site

SSL is industry-standard encryption! Protect important data, win visitors’ trust and boost your credibility! Pick a plan from the SSL certificates below.

Domain SSL
SAVE 20%
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GGSSL
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • No Green Bar
  • Site Seal Static
  • Issuance 5 minutes
  • Warranty $10,000
  • Both with/without WWW
  • No Paper Work
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Mobile Support
  • Browser Compatibility 99%+
  • SSL Type Single Domain
  • Trust LevelStar Ratings | MilesWeb India
Rapid SSL Standard
SAVE 20%
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GeoTrust
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • No Green Bar
  • Site Seal Static
  • Issuance 5 minutes
  • Warranty $10,000
  • Both with/without WWW
  • No Paper Work
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Mobile Support
  • Browser Compatibility 99%+
  • SSL Type Single Domain
  • Trust LevelStar Ratings | MilesWeb India
WildCard SSL
SAVE 20%
  • Domain Validation
  • Authority GGSSL
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • No Green Bar
  • Site Seal Static
  • Issuance 5 minutes
  • Warranty $200,000
  • Both with/without WWW
  • No Paper Work
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Mobile Support
  • Browser Compatibility 99%+
  • SSL Type ∞ Subdomains
  • Trust LevelStar Ratings | MilesWeb India
TrueBusinessID EV
SAVE 20%
  • Extended Validation
  • Authority GeoTrust
  • 4096-bit Encryption
  • Green Bar
  • Site Seal Dynamic
  • Issuance 1-10 Days
  • Warranty $1,500,000
  • Both with/without WWW
  • Paper Work
  • Server Licensing Unlimited
  • Mobile Support
  • Browser Compatibility 99%+
  • SSL Type Subdomains
  • Trust LevelStar Ratings | MilesWeb India

What are the Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate?

Adding an SSL certificate to your site has covered you with these top-class benefits!

Secured Website with Affordable SSL Certificate | MilesWeb India
Secured Website

An SSL certificate encrypts all information exchanged between a visitor and the web server. It ensures that every packet transferred remains unexposed to any attacker, ensuring website security.

Better Brand Reputation | MilesWeb India
Brand Reputation

Your customers may become conscious when transactions are involved on your site. If an SSL is installed on your site, they feel safe and don’t hesitate in making transactions.

Improved SEO Ranking | MilesWeb India
Improved SEO Ranking

Google prioritizes sites having SSL certificates in search engines. Installing an SSL on your website will benefit your SEO ranking and drive conversions.

Boost Traffic and Sales | MilesWeb India
Boost Traffic and Sales

With increased rankings, you will see a great number of audiences visiting your site. This ultimately increases the chances of increased revenue.

Secured SSL Certificate Badge | MilesWeb India
Secured Badge

Browsers like Google Chrome mark your website as ‘Not Secure’ if not incorporated with an SSL. This flag on your website can set a negative impression on your visitors.

Green Lock with SSL Certificate | MilesWeb India
Green lock

A tiny green lock in your browser before the URL shows visitors that your site is secure and their data is safe. The ‘s’ in https shows your site is secure in all languages.

SSL & HTTPS: How Do They Work?

HTTPS is a more secure and updated version of the HTTP standard, and it stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and manages the data between the server and the website. In HTTPS, the ‘S’ shows that the SSL protects the website and all the data is encrypted.

SSL stands for secure socket layer, basically a part of HTTPS protocol responsible for encryption. Plus, it helps to boost the confidentiality of data and its availability to authorized users only. At MilesWeb, we offer SSL certificates at cost-effective prices, and you are just a click away from securing your website.

What is SSL & HTTPS | MilesWeb India

What Makes MilesWeb Unique?

No matter which service you choose, you can expect the best web hosting experience with us.

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Our Tier-4 data centers, cutting-edge technologies, and redundant systems enable us to provide an exceptional level of uptime. Be rest assured your website remains consistently available to your audience.

Say Goodbye to "Not Secure Warning" with an SSL Certificate!

An SSL certificate not only protects your website from any cyber attacks, but also helps you gain the trust of your visitors. When a user has faith in your brand they are sure to buy the product/service. It also helps in uplifting your rankings in search engine amongst your competitors. The more the number of times you appear in front of your users, the more they'll remember you. When you achieve high SEO rankings, your sales target is achieved too!

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Good Reasons to Get an SSL Certificate?

Let your users feel secure when they visit your website.

Beat Your Competitors
Beat Your Competitors with Secured Site | MilesWeb India

Google prioritizing SSL secured sites can prove to beneficial for your site. Having an SSL secured site, can make you win in the race. With a bunch of competitors on the internet, an SSL will give you the advantage to stay ahead of all your competitors.

Makes Your Site TrustWorthy
Makes Your Site TrustWorthy with SSL Certificate Solution | MilesWeb India

Giving away high discounts won’t be enough. One thing that can hold back the visitors from buying your product is the absence of an SSL certificate. Having an SSL will make your visitors feel safe and encourage them to browse your site or make transactions.

High Revenue
Higher Sales and Conversion Rate with SSL Certificate | MilesWeb India

An SSL certificate will boost your SEO rankings. With so many visitors visiting your site, let them feel safe when they browse your site so that they will buy products from you. This leads to higher sales and conversion rate.

Sky Rocket Your SEO
Sky Rocket Your SEO | MilesWeb India

All your efforts to rank your website higher in search engines are in vain, if your website doesn't have an SSL certificate. The search engine considers the SSL certificate as an important factor while ranking your website. An SSL certificate takes your rankings to the next level.

Build your Brand Smart
Build your Brand Smart with SSL Services | MilesWeb India

All the big brands focus on protection and so can you with our SSL service. To make your brand strong and trustworthy it has to have a lot of qualities. Some of the important aspects among them are security and trust.

Verified Sign
Green Lock Label with SSL Certificate Solution | MilesWeb India

Each website with an SSL certificate will show a green lock label in the address bar. This tells people that your website is secure and that all the information is encrypted and protected from any cyber attacks.

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Ideal for Business Owners

With the help of SSD NVMe storage, LiteSpeed servers, and intuitive control panel, I maximise my online business presence with MilesWeb’s budget-friendly web hosting plans.

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Absolutely Love MilesWeb

Their tech support is just unbelievable. Recommend MilesWeb to anyone looking for the best hosting provider around. Thanks, I’m truly a fan now!

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Excellent Support Quality

The web host offers exceptional customer support and pre-configured servers with high bandwidth make their services easy to use, especially for beginners like me.

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MilesWeb is a super-fast and reliable host. For anyone who is serious about its online presence, I surely recommend going with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an SSL certificate?

    An SSL certificate provides security to your website by safeguarding and encrypting the communications between the server and the person visiting your website. For using an SSL certificate, you have to install it on the server.

  • What is an SSL certificate used for?

    The main reasons why you will need an SSL certificate are mentioned below:
    • The most common reason is to secure the credit card payments done on your website
    • For securing the confidential information you are dealing with while it is accessed through the web
    • If you offer a login or sign in on your website
    • To process the sensitive data like address, license, birth date or ID numbers
    • If you need to comply with privacy policies and security requirements (HIPAA, PCI Compliance) SSL certificates also help in terms of safeguarding your passwords from being intercepted as they are typed into a secured login page.

  • Do I need an SSL certificate?

    You need an SSL certificate if you are accepting credit card payments online through a merchant account. Even the authorities like credit card associations and networks make it a necessity for you to have an SSL certificate. This is because there is a transmission of critical information like card number, card holder’s name, card expiration date, CVV code etc. Getting an SSL certificate involved is an important aspect of making your website PCI compliant (A set of rules that have to be followed for accepting credit card payments). Moreover, an informed customer knows about website security and before making any purchase from your website, he / she confirms if your shopping cart is secure. You might lose out on potential customers if you have not secured your website with an SSL certificate.

  • What types of SSL certificates are provided by MilesWeb?

    MilesWeb provides with four types of SSL certificates:
    • Rapid SSL
    • Quick SSL
    • Quick SSL (Premium)
    • TrueBusinessID
    Rapid SSL and Quick SSL are dedicated SSL certificates that can be used by any form of business. The Quick SSL (premium) certificate is an affordable SSL certificate issued within a short span of time with an extended warranty and a dynamic True Site Seal. The TrueBusinessID is specifically beneficial for eCommerce websites as it displays a green color icon on the left hand side of the browser or a green address bar which denotes that the website is secured. It provides with a trusted protection and assurance to your customers that your site is trustworthy and secure.

  • What is the importance of a green address bar?

    The green address bar gives an indication to the user that your business is legitimate. The green bar is only available with the ‘TrueBusinessID’ SSL certificate. Moreover, the major web browsers have incorporated anti-phishing protection so that the known phishing websites will display a red address bar. As a result of this, a positive impact is created for the businesses that opt for a ‘TrueBusinessID’ SSL certificate.

  • How do visitors know if I am using an SSL certificate? Or about what kind of SSL certificate is used?

    In order to find out what kind of SSL certificate is used, the user simply has to click on the expeditedssl icon on the left hand side of the browser and he / she will get the information about the SSL certificate or the security of the website.

  • Are SSL certificates compatible with all the web browsers?

    SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of the browsers including all the prominent web browsers.

  • What is CSR? Do you provide it with the SSL certificate?

    CSR stands for ‘Certificate Signing Request’. CSR is the special key that is generated by the web server by using the unique private key of that server. The CSR is sent to the certificate issuer that generates the final SSL certificate. Once you sign up for any of the SSL certificates, MilesWeb will take care of the CSR process.

  • How long will it take for my SSL certificate to get active?

    This depends on which SSL certificate you opt for. The time taken for the SSL certificate to get activated is mentioned below:
    • Rapid SSL & Quick SSL – 1 – 2 hours
    • Quick SSL (Premium) – 12 – 16 hours
    • TrueBusinessID – 48 – 72 hours

  • Will you provide assistance in installing the SSL certificate?

    Sure we will. When you sign up for any of the SSL certificates provided by us, we will install it on your website for free.

  • Can I use one SSL certificate for securing multiple websites?

    SSL certificates are host base. Therefore, one SSL certificate will work only for one website.

  • Do you have a minimum contract period?

    The minimum contract period for the SSL certificate is one year. Once the SSL is installed it cannot be cancelled.

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