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MilesWeb – Just the Right Hosting Partner for Gaurav’s Web Development Agency

MilesWeb – Just the Right Hosting Partner for Gaurav’s Web Development Agency

“After the Founder of Standard Wings Technologies, Gaurav Patil, switched to MilesWeb, as he faced issues with his previous hosting provider. Gaurav was set on finding a web host that could support the needs of his agency. MilesWeb’s quick customer service and feature-rich hosting were the main reasons why he chose to stay with us!” 

The Background 

Gaurav Patil is the Director of Standard Wings Technologies, a Nashik-based software development company. Set up in 2014, their team offers a range of digital solutions – from creating websites to building solid mobile applications.

Thanks to their expertise in services, some of the biggest Municipal Corporation projects are being successfully set up. He says, “We’re always ready to understand and fulfill customer’s custom requirements.”

“Standard Wings, which started with me, now has over 20 team members, including designers, developers, and project managers.”

To achieve his overall mission and offer a one-stop solution to clients, he needed a reliable hosting partner. Plus, customer support is better than the rest.  

The Early Challenges 

In the very beginning, Gaurav was hosting his clients with another hosting provider. Things went on well for some time. However, once he ran into an issue with one of his projects. 

“After trying multiple times, we were not getting the data required. This made us totally stumped, “ Gaurav commented. This actually became frustrating for him. 

Now what next? 

Gaurav said, “Many times, our team faced issues in installations & troubleshooting, pointing domains, updating A records, and getting emails in spam boxes.“. 

This stopped him from dedicating attention to his prime business objectives and collaborating with clients effectively. As a result, he considered this event to be a turning point.

A web host with responsive customer service, the best security, in short, feature-rich hosting service, helped Gaurav achieve his success. 

The Key Solution: Gaurav Started his Journey with MilesWeb

MilesWeb Client Review Gaurav Patil

Having heard about MilesWeb and its brand reputation online, Gaurav decided on to go with MilesWeb. “Before starting with them, I didn’t compare any other hosting providers like everyone else usually does, not even in terms of savings or prices,” Gaurav quoted.

Lucky for us, “MilesWeb could solve our data issue in a breeze! It worked correctly with these guys. Plus, one noteworthy aspect for us was MilesWeb’s great customer support.” Gaurav said. 

MilesWeb team takes care of everything, we can just sit back and concentrate on their regular work. Their team is ready 24/7 on email, live chat and phone to fix the technical issues and offer prompt assistance. 

In essence, Gaurav can always be assured of receiving assistance whenever he requires it the most.

Also nice to say that security is no longer a concern because they implement best security practices in the industry. It was pretty clear that MilesWeb was one of the hosts that checked all the boxes right when other hosts were missing a few. 

The Actual Growth 

Success is not just a one-day game. It needs effort, support and coordination.

It was exactly the same with Gaurav! He has made Standard Wings Technologies a one-stop solution. “Right from development to hosting, we cater to all the needs of clients at one place. MilesWeb has been playing a pivotal role in the success of our company!” says Gaurav. 

Gaurav’s company achieved a good business boost and that’s really appreciable. Thanks to our top-notch hosting service, brilliant customer support 24/7 and rich features. 

Final Words 

Since he joined MilesWeb, Guarav has been pleased with the hosting experience. We want all our clients to experience the same level of satisfaction. Whatever Gaurav is up to in his next project, MilesWeb is ready to support him and build success online. 

“We’ve been with MilesWeb for quite a long time and we’re beyond satisfied. We can surely say, we’re with the right hosting company,” Gaurav mentioned. 

When questioned about what made him stay with us, he said, “Instant customer support 24/7 is the major influencing factor that I like to work with MilesWeb.”

– Gaurav Patil, Director. Standard Wings Technologies.

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