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Deosoft IT Services Private Limited Experiences a Jaw-Dropping Growth after Migrating to MilesWeb!

milesweb hosting client review deokumar singh

“Deo Kumar Singh faced a lot of issues with the customer support, billing and overall service from his previous web hosts. He tested a lot of hosting providers, however, he did not find any of the hosting providers suitable for the long run. 

Find out in our interview with Deo Kumar, CEO of Deosoft IT Services, how MilesWeb helped him overcome his challenges and elevate his agency to new heights.

The Background 

In 2007 Deo Kumar Singh embarked on his journey to set up Deo Shop IT Services Pvt.Ltd, a Gujarat-based software company. They specialize in offering end-to-end web and mobile application development services, customized to every client’s unique goals and target audience.

With a deep focus in software development, Deosoft IT Services has brought tangible results and bolstered profits of clients across different industries. 

Over the years, they have become a trusted company through its near decade of hardwork and dedication. “We agree that no two businesses are the same, so we take time to understand the client’s needs and aspirations,” Deo Kumar stated. 

Developing websites and applications is not enough, you need a reliable hosting partner to support them. Deo Kumar had some pitfalls in hosting experience over the years, which he later overcame. 

The Challenges

Deo Kumar started his journey with some other big-name hosting providers in the industry, however, he was unhappy with their service.  

“We worked with Bigrock, AWS & other small to enterprise level hosting providers. However, we were having frequent issues with the customer support, which was making it difficult for us to continue, ” said CEO of Deosoft IT Services, Deo Kumar.

“This was a mess. We had to divert the attention from our main business focus, and spend time into the technicalities,” he added. 

Thus, Deo Kumar was in search of finding a reliable hosting provider who could meet his needs and offer the desired technical support.

Trouble with Support, It Was Time to Find a New Web Host

“Fortunately, we heard about a big-name hosting provider in the industry, MilesWeb. This was through social media platforms and advertisements. Very soon, we got in touch with them and started with them!” quoted Deo Kumar.
jaw dropping growth after migrating to milesweb hosting

MilesWeb’s reliable hosting service, excellent technical support and cost-effective hosting solutions, proved to be the ideal choice for the agency. 

Their tedious search for the right client site web host finally led them to MilesWeb, a hosting provider that aligned with their commitment to quality and client-first approach.

“MilesWeb has been the key partner in our growth for the past 2 years. We have made good revenue growth in cloud computing and reseller hosting. Also, our sales have taken a big leap with the use of MilesWeb’s hosting service.” said Deo Kumar.

Why MilesWeb?

The support MilesWeb offers is marvellous. 

“From the day we connected with MilesWeb, the hosting experience was extraordinary. MilesWeb is the hosting company that understands the requirements well and never disappoints in any of the factors, like speed, performance, features  and support.“ Deo Kumar mentioned.

We have dealt with many hosting companies, and MilesWeb has been the best. I would confidently recommend MilesWeb and continue doing business with them. 

The Result

“The first and foremost is, “We have seen a lot of increase in cloud computing and reseller hosting. Also we have seen 10x growth in our sales. The credit is MilesWeb’s hosting service.,” Deo Kumar shares.

MilesWeb is always ready to help clients achieve their goals. As the logo says, “”Your Hosting, Our Responsibility” 

The Final Words

“We’re absolutely happy with them!” Going forward, Deosoft IT Services will continue to take big leaps with the help of MilesWeb, as the right hosting partner.

We’re already excited for what the future holds for us!

Ready to get started? Thousands of clients already use our high-performing infrastructure to scale their business. We would love to help you do exactly the same. Visit:

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