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Why Do I Need A Private SSL Certificate?

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A private SSL certificate is recommended for all the websites that accept credit card payments or ask for customer’s private information. A private SSL certificate provides with additional security to your website that is required for protecting the private information of the customers. A Private SSL makes sure that all the information sent from your website is kept confidential on the host server. This is done by encrypting the information and activating the secure lock in the browser.

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A private SSL certificate is exclusively issued for your website.

If you have installed a private SSL certificate on the website, you won’t have to deal with the warning message that is shown whenever a visitor tries to access your website through a secure connection (HTTPS).

One of the most important advantages of having a private SSL is that it helps in your SEO endeavors. According to an update by Google, a website denoted by ‘HTTPS’ is considered authoritative and it is also as a ranking signal. Google has taken this step for making the overall internet safe. Therefore, investing in a private SSL certificate is going to benefit your website in terms of search engine rankings as well.

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A major point of difference between the standard shared SSL and private SSL is that if you use shared SSL with your own domain name, certificate warning messages will be shown on your website and you might not be able to view the website. Whereas, in case of a private SSL certificate, you can use your own domain name and you will be able to view the website without any warning message.

Installing a private SSL certificate is an ideal step for all the online stores for receiving payments online. A private SSL certificate boosts the confidence of the customers and they feel safe to provide personal and confidential information to your website.

Earlier, a dedicated IP was mandatory for registering a private SSL certificate. However, now you can register a private SSL certificate on a shared IP as well.

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