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We help you to keep your clients happy by letting you offer some of our additional services to them. This will keep you ahead of your competitors and make you stand out.

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Create Automatic Backups for Your Valued Customers

You might want to create and keep a complete backup of your website and we believe that it is the best practice to do so, as it helps you to protect yourself from data loss.

MilesWeb backup service is fully automated and it doesn’t require you to remember taking regular backups out of your busy schedule. Your complete website data and email will be backed up on weekly basis. We take daily backup of your database with 7 days retention period. And it’s quite easy to get the backup restored. This backup will be taken from the point you opt-in for our automatic backup service.

Moreover, you can also offer the website backup service to your clients as an extra attribute or charge a specific amount of money- The choice is yours.

Secure Websites with SSL Certificate

With the widespread adoption of HTTPS due to the recent Google update, your customers are more likely to secure their sites with SSL.

Although every website under your reseller account is protected with Let’s Encrypt SSL which is free, some of your customers may still want assured security for their sites that may have to deal with sensitive information such as card details or other online transactions. It is recommended that you add higher level of encryption for such clients.

SSLs are mainly of three types - Domains Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). We offer all these types of SSL namely, Domain SSL (DV), WildCard SSL (OV) and TrueBusinessID (EV).

Select SSL Certificate Plan

Free SSL
Unlimited FREE SSL Certificates
0 /Yr
  • Improve Google Ranking
  • Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • Simple, one-click activation
  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate
  • Site must use our nameservers
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Lets Encrypt - Best SSL Certificate in India
Domain SSL
20% OFF for Resellers
700 /Yr
  • Improve Google Ranking
  • Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate
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Comodo ssl certificate for website
WildCard SSL
20% OFF for Resellers
2,000 /Yr
  • & all sub-domains
  • Improve Google Ranking
  • Padlock icon for your site visitors
  • $200,000 Warranty
  • Organization Validation (OV) Certificate
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Comodo ssl certificate
TrueBusinessID EV
20% OFF for Resellers
4,500 /Yr
  • Improve Google Ranking
  • Green Address Bar Title
  • $1.5 million Warranty
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
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Geotrust - Buy an SSL certificate
By installing SSL you can…
Gain customer’s trust

Simply keeping your customer’s data safe is going to be beneficial in terms of building their trust.

Rank higher on Google

Google prefers to rank sites that have SSL installed. After switching to HTTPS the overall visibility of the page gets improved.

Encrypt sensitive information

The biggest advantage of SSL is that it encrypts all the data that is transmitted between the browser and the server. By keeping all this information secured, it becomes quite challenging to decrypt the data even if the data gets compromised.

Domain SSL Certificate

With the Domain SSL, it protects all the sensitive data that is transmitted by encrypting it and is mostly suitable for startups or small business websites. A green padlock appears once this certificate is installed. The verification process is simple and just takes a few minutes to get it issued. To keep you assured, a guarantee of $10,000 will be given as your warranty amount.

WildCard SSL Certificate

A WildCard SSL allows protection for a website’s subdomains too. With a green padlock and $200,000 as a warranty amount this certificate gets issued just within 5-7 mins.

TrueBusinessID EV SSL Certificate

TrueBusinessID EV SSL displays a green address bar while someone accesses your website. It helps to encourage customers to shop safely on your site and builds more trust among them. To get this certificate issued, you need to go through a verification process which can take 7-10 days.

Why Choose SSL Certificate from MilesWeb?

MilesWeb SSL certificates are trusted by authorized providers such as Let’s Encrypt, Comodo and world’s second-largest digital certificate provider - GeoTrust.

Let’s Encrypt is sponsored by ISRG and is an open certificate authority. Whereas, GeoTrust provides our True BusinessID SSL certificate, and Domain SSL is incorporated with Comodo SSL.

All in one automation platform- WHMCS

License TierMax. Active ClientsPricing USD
Starter (WHMCS Branding)
Upto 250
$ 11/mo
Get Started
Upto 250
$ 14/mo
Get Started
Upto 500
$ 25/mo
Get Started
Business 1000
Upto 1000
$ 39/mo
Get Started
Business 2500
Upto 2500
$ 85/mo
Get Started
Business 5000
Upto 5000
$ 155/mo
Get Started
Business 10000
Upto 10000
$ 265/mo
Get Started
More than 10,000 Active Clients Contact us for pricing

Benefits of Using WHMCS

Automated Billing

WHMCS automatically generates the invoices of your clients and directly delivers it to their inbox. There is no manual process of generating invoices and sending them.

Secure and Scalable

WHMCS is designed for businesses of all sizes. It is completely scalable and secure. With WHMCS you can incorporate website security from- rapidSSL, Cloudflare or Symantec services.

Support Tools

To let your customers experience a fully featured platform, WHMCS gives you a portal with ticketing system, wherein your customers can raise a ticket via email.

Time Saving

With WHMCS all the processes such as generating invoices, sending reminders, collecting payments is done automatically. As all of this is doesn’t require a manual job and completely automated, you save a lot of your time.

Starting at just 80/mo.
Protect emails from spam with SpamExperts

SpamExperts helps in filtering the incoming email messages to prevent the delivery of spam, phishing or malicious emails to your inbox. All the suspicious emails will be stored separately in quarantine folder which can be later marked as genuine email if required.

SpamExperts is a self-learning structure and the latest detection mechanism automatically accommodates new spammer tricks and grasps your preferences based on what you consider as spam. You do not need to manage anything manually.

Protect unlimited mailboxes from spam emails for just 195/mo per domain.

Data Cloud Backup Solution

We have all in one cloud backup solution for businesses of all sizes. It is completely reliable and easy to use. You can take complete backup of your data from your mobile devices, desktops, virtual machines or Office 365 via our Acronis backup service.

Once you subscribe to this backup service, your data will be backed up in the cloud to secure it from any disaster. You can restore this data just within few seconds at anytime and from anywhere which is stored at our cloud.

100 GB
10% OFF