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White Label Reseller Hosting Explained

It’s human nature to find something extra in what we have. If I am not wrong, this is especially true in terms of money. Getting extra money apart from your daily bread is something we humans are always striving for. Many of you might have even found some ways to earn extra income.

But sometimes it might become hard to manage your daily job as well as the business you have setup to earn extra. So, how about finding a simple and easy way to manage business that will get you thousands of money? Sounds interesting right?

Do you know that you can set up your own web hosting business? Reseller hosting is the key to getting started with your own web hosting business and that too with your own brand name. So, you are going to become an owner of the company now. Congratulations!

But one question might surely strike your mind – will my business get established in the market? Of course yes! The basic logic is that there are several physical businesses that are now turning towards online platform. After getting their websites developed, they are surely going to require a web hosting service for hosting their website. Now, though there are several web hosting providers in the market, if your web hosting service is affordable, reliable and customer friendly, surely your business is going to do well.

You can start your web hosting business with your own brand name only if your host offers white label hosting. Let’s get into the details about white label reseller hosting.

White Label Reseller Hosting

When other parties re-brand the hosting products of one company in order to hide the connection between the party and company owner, it is called white label reseller hosting. This feature is significant when you are trying to resell the hosting services of other company.

Who Can Opt for White Label Hosting?

With white label hosting, anyone can build his/her own hosting company. If you are a web developer, web designer or entrepreneur planning to start a new business, white label hosting would be a very profitable business for you. So, it means any individual who is interested in reselling hosting services can opt for white label hosting. It is a flexible business. All your technical requirements are taken care of by your web hosting service provider such as server maintenance and management to make your job easy.

How The White Label Program Works?

How-The-White-Label-Program-Works | MilesWeb


In white label hosting, you can charge more to your customer for the product you are selling as compared to the price you are buying from the web host. This is a faster solution and can save your time and money as you are selling the ready-made products developed by someone else.

  • Your Customer Places an Order through Your Website
    It is very easy for the customers to place an order from your website. They can pay you online right into your account.
  • You Setup Your Clients Account on MilesWeb Server
    MilesWeb takes care of the server management task.
  • Your Customer Receives an Automated Email
    Your customers receive an automated welcome email with their new logins.

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting

If you are a freelance web developer or run a large-scale agency, it’s always better to expand your services and search for new ways to serve your customers. Below are the different ways white label reseller hosting can benefit your business:

1.      Offer Broad-Range of Services

Are you a web designer or offer search engine optimization service? If you add hosting to your services, it will make easier for your customers to get everything under one-roof. When someone is searching for your niche services, the individual or business is more likely to select your company which offers all necessities at one place. Customers will love your brand as you are saving their time and money.

How this will benefit you? Since you are a one-stop-shop, you will be able to charge more since you offer premium services. For example, instead of just offering designing service, you will also help customers to host their website. Customers will happily pay you more as they don’t need to find a web hosting provider and waste their precious time. Their trust on your business will increase.

2.      Additional Income

Businesses pay for the hosting service either monthly or annually. Once they set up their website, you won’t have to look after the server maintenance or management. In case anything goes wrong on the server, you can call your web host’s support team to resolve the issue. No doubt when you recommend a hosting service as a web designer, you earn a referral fee, but that’s just for one-time.

When you offer hosting, you will get recurring payments from your customers. This indicates that your income will grow rapidly, especially when you select a good quality reseller program. The prices of a reseller account are quite affordable and so you can easily pay them. You can recover your costs with just few customers that purchase hosting, depending on how much you charge them.

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3.      Helps in Customer Retention

When your customers buy hosting along with other services, it will become easy to retain them. Customers will come to you for designing their website but they will even need to host their website on a server so, they will surely buy hosting from you. You are including hosting too in your designing packages means you will develop a long-term relationship with them. They will always remember your brand name and you will be the first person to whom they will call when they need web-related services.

4.      Minimizes Space Requirements

When you want to host multiple websites, you require high specification servers. These servers require continuous maintenance in a temperature-controlled environment. Of course, there is a lot of work to do if hosting isn’t the only service you are offering. But with white label hosting, you don’t need to keep the servers at your office. This means your space requirements get reduced and you are able to run your business out of a home office.

5.    Leave the “Dirty” Work to Your Web Host

When you resell hosting services, you don’t need to worry about the problems that occur on the server. If any of your customers has a problem with the hosting plan, you can contact the hosting company and their experts will help in troubleshooting the problem. This helps in saving your time, allowing you to focus on your business.

Common Features Included in White Label Hosting

The hosting company from which you are going to purchase the reseller plan will decide the list of additional services you will be offering to your customers. Several reseller hosting packages will contain similar features to the ones listed below:

1. Billing Integration

Almost all reseller plans include WHMCS billing software that helps you in the easy billing of your customers and can also manage their payment plans. This eliminates the hassle of ensuring that your customers are paying you on time.

2. Private Name Servers

With private name servers, you will be able to separate your brand and the hosting provider from whom you have purchased hosting. So, private name servers are very important.

3. Easily Scalable

Reseller hosting allows you to scale up the server resources when the number of your clients increase or the site you are managing needs more server resources.

4. Easy-to-Use Control Panel


Control panel is very important for website management. You can manage your clients’ account, make back-end changes, check PHP version of your client, create an FTP account and much more.

5. Domain and Email Integration

You will get reseller accounts that allow you to sell email add-ons, domain registration services and other perks. When you add these to your hosting service, it takes your service to the next level.

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How do I activate White Label Reseller Hosting?

WHM is an admin control panel that is included in your reseller hosting package. This industry leading reseller tool helps you to manage all aspects of hosting plans for your customers.

You will find an option in the control panel that will allow you to brand the control panel with your own name and company logo. This won’t let the customers know that you are a reseller. Instead, you will act as a separate hosting company offering service to them.

For setting up white label option, you must have a domain name that you will use for your Nameservers.


Web hosting will always be in demand until the internet exists. Also, with white label hosting you don’t need to deal with any costly or difficult issues of your server, since all is managed by your hosting provider.

But it is important to do research while considering the best reseller hosting plan for your business. You will need to find a host that offers quality service and the right type of server environment to you as well as your customers.

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