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10 New Ways To Get Impressive Results From Your Blog Posts

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Selecting the right topic and getting the most interesting and useful information posted in your blog can be quite a challenge at times. Right from brainstorming the topic to doing your research about the topic, from witting a few rough drafts to adding some great images and then editing the whole post for perfection, creating a blog post is a lot of work for sure! It’s great if you have posted an impressive article as your next blog post but what happens next? You might think that the traffic might just flow in your blog with your new blog post, but it doesn’t really work that way!

In order to get more views for your blog post, you need to think beyond publishing the blog post. It is important for you to optimize the content, promote it well, share it and make sure that it gets attention from the right people. If you are struggling to get a good response for your blog post, this article is for you!

Here are 10 effective things that you can do after publishing a blog post:

#1 Incorporate A Teaser In Your Email Signature

Adding a link to your latest blog post in your signature is a smart way to get audience for it. However, you can go a step further by creating a customized email signature like a teaser and feature your latest blog post in it. This is a very creative way of making your blog post known to people.

#2 Shorten Your Post’s URL To Link It Everywhere

When a URL is shortened, it is easy to share and remember as compared to a longer URL. You can use any online tool to shorten the URLs of your blog posts. Add the new shortened URL of your blog post in your social media posts and keep these two strategies in mind:

Promote Your Post With The Right Images

Use of impressive and relevant images significantly increases the visibility and user engagement of your posts. Share your blog posts with great images on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and on the other social media websites where you have your business presence.

Present Your Blog Post With A Good Title

In place of tweeting or posting just the title and link of your blog post write something that will introduce your blog post to the audience. This text should be an impressive one! One that allures your audience to click on the blog post link. You can present the blog post in a sentence or a question that arises curiosity. Do this every time you share a link to your blog post, this will create a variety in your social media posts it will get people interested as well.

#3 Check If Your Posts Can Help Anyone On Twitter

Search for the hashtag related to your blog post and check if your blog post can be of any help to the questions or issues posted on Twitter. If your blog post is relevant, you can be a part of the discussion too by sharing the link of your blog post. Keep in mind to use the shortened URL of your blog post.

#4 Share Your Blog Posts With Your Prospects

If you have just published a new blog post, think if it would be of any help to any of your prospective customers or existing customers or subscribers. If you think it would be of help to someone, send them the post through a quick email. If you are providing them with relevant information, they will surely appreciate your gesture and your email and they will start considering you as a trustworthy source of information.

#5 Share Your Blog Posts With Your Colleagues

Just like you share your blog posts with your prospects and your subscribers; it is important to share them with your colleagues as well. They can also be an audience to your blog and you should not leave this opportunity. When you make a blog post live, you can send an email to your colleagues that includes thee link to that blog post. This email should include the title of the blog post, the shortened link and a brief explanation about the blog post.

#6 Syndicate Your Post On LinkedIn And Other Social Media Websites

LinkedIn is a great platform to syndicate your blog post content as anything that you publish on LinkedIn is automatically shared with everyone in your network. You will find many LinkedIn channels that are relevant to your blog posts; you can feature the content there as well. As long as you are linking to the original blog post, you shouldn’t be worried about content duplication. You can also syndicate your content on other websites like Medium and Quora where you can get the benefits of their popular posts.

#7 Give A Boost To Your Blog Post With Paid Advertising

You can consider paid content distribution opportunities for promoting your content which will help you to enhance your reach in organic search. Paid promotion can be done through Twitter Ad Campaigns, Facebook campaigns and LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates. There are other content discovery platforms like Outbrain that work great as well. Before you start paid promotion, it is important to do a lot of research in order to define your target audience on every platform so that you get good returns through your promotions.

#8 Pitch Your Blog Post To The Press

When you create an informative blog post, you can position yourself as an expert on that topic. Although it is not easy to pitch your blog post to the journalists, you can surely give it a try! In case any of the journalists happen to select your post, it will mean a big surge in your website traffic. All you have to do is write a simple and informative email along with the blog post link but you have to make sure to add a title that catches the eye immediately!

Journalists receive a large number of email pitches in a day. Therefore make sure that in your email you are including precise bullet points that describe the main points of your blog post so that the journalists don’t have to read everything. Last but not the least – proofread your email that you create and make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in it otherwise it will create a bad impact on your impression and then the journalists might not be interested in having a look at your post.

#9 Post Teasers About Your Blog Post To Discussion Boards

You want new people to reach to your blog post; an effective way to allure new users is to post a captivating thought or a question on some external website. You can do this on various online discussion boards or on the groups present on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make sure to include a shortened URL link of your blog post in your teaser. As long as your content is useful, relevant and adds to the discussion, it’s perfectly fine. However, be careful that your teaser doesn’t look spammy.

#10 Include The Post In A ‘Clubbed Together’ Offer

If you create a lot of blog posts in the long run and if they are related to each other, you can bring them all together and club them together for promoting them. You can club them all under a relevant category. You can create an all-inclusive offer for these blog posts and then you can feature this offer behind a landing page form and gather contacts when people download the offer.

Over To You…

You have surely put in a lot of hard work to create that one blog post so don’t let it go in vain, take the necessary steps to promote the blog posts as well. The tips mentioned in this article will help you to find the right audience for your blog posts and thereby you will get the best response for them. Happy Blogging 🙂

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