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7 Great Online Tools And Apps For Travel Bloggers

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Travelling and blogging, both are extremely interesting facets and when they come together, they can earn you a living. Travel blogging is a great way to earn money where you get to see the world and write about it. Although this might sound like a cake walk, travel blogging is not that easy, you need the right tools to create the right impact.

Here are some amazing tools that will help you with your travel blogging goals and will make your blog look like a million dollars 😀

#1 Host Your Blog

First things first, you need to make sure that your blog if perfectly set up so that you can start making posts in it. Set up your blog with a CMS; although you can use any type of content management system for your blog, most of the bloggers worldwide use and trust WordPress as it is easy to use and helps you in setting up an amazing blog with a wide range of plugins, themes and extensions. Next, you need to finalize the domain name of your blog, in short your blog’s name. If you have any ideal domain names in mind, you can check if they are available here – Get Your Domain Name. If you would like to work with WordPress, you can consider WordPress hosting. It is important to choose an efficient web hosting package that helps in loading the videos and images faster. Once your hosting account is set up, you can select an appropriate theme for your blog; view a wide range of free and paid themes for your blog. Select an appropriate one and install it on your blog.

#2 Plugins For SEO And Analytics

Just like you are interested in checking out new and amazing destinations, the travel blog enthusiasts like to check out new and trending travel blogs. There is a lot of competition when it comes to travel blogging and you need to ensure that no stone is unturned in terms of securing good search engine rankings. Your first step towards securing good SERPs is to have the necessary plugins installed in your blog. You can consider WordPress SEO tools like Yoast SEO, Jetpack All in one SEO pack etc. Similarly, tracking the user behavior of your blog is also extremely important, therefore you can consider analytics plugins like Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, mixpanel etc. if you plan to make money through your blog, you need to know about the posts that are doing well and the posts that are not. These plugins will help you to reach out to the target audience efficiently and to know what posts are favoured by your regular readers.

#3 Social Media

Having social media enabled on your blog is as important as setting up the blog itself. Primarily, you need to ensure that social media icons are added on the home page of your blog and for the individual posts as well. If you are using WordPress, you don’t need to worry about setting up the social media icons as there are plugins for this task. You might be busy travelling the world and blogging about it, but to help people know about your blog you will have to share some images and posts on the social media websites. You will also find relevant groups and pages on the social media websites where you will find many travel enthusiasts, join them and post on them to get the maximum exposure.

#4 A Professional Email ID

You are a blogger but you are a professional too. Having a professional email id followed by your domain name sounds much better than any random free email id. When you sign up for a web hosting account, you can ask your web host for setting up a professional email id for you. It is ideal to create a blog email id for yourself and for your blog users who would like to get in touch with you. A professional email id looks impressive and it also helps in differentiating between your blog emails and your personal emails.

#5 Travel Planning

Planning your travel right from selecting the destinations, booking flights tickets to arranging accommodations etc. is difficult. These great tools will make the job easier for you:  : helps you in quickly identifying the best route options and offers easy comparison on cost. This is a great travel and transport search engine that is suitable for long distance travel planning and for local journey as well.  : There are many websites for booking your flights, the best thing about Skyscanner is that it provides open search. With Skyscanner, you can explore many travel options for any travel destination.

#6 Trip Journal

Trip Journal is a great app that helps every travel blogger to be efficient. With Trip Journal you can track your travel, keep a record of your destinations, add photos and make notes if required. The best thing about Trip Journal is that it is integrated with Google Earth; thereby your followers can see your trip route. You can easily export your content and travel information and share your traveling experience. This is an amazing app that works great with Android and iOS systems.

#7 Day One

This is another efficient travel tracking tool. It displays different kinds of travel logs, enables geo-tracking and provides whether information. You can tag your posts for future reference and you can add attractive visuals to your posts. This tool ensures safety with a passcode lock and you can also export all your posts as a PDF file.


With the apps mentioned above, the process of travel blogging will be simplified for you. Travel blogging can be a time consuming task but you can save the day if you have the right tools to get your message across. Travel blogging is one of the best professions in the world; make the most of it with the best blogging tools.

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