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8 Types Of Websites That You Can Create Through Drupal CMS


It’s true that Drupal is not famous as WordPress or the other content management systems; the main reason behind this could be that it is a little complicated to learn and use. However, if you wish to setup large websites, Drupal is one of the most flexible content management systems that you can use. With the Drupal platform, you can pretty much create any type of website you want.

Here are 8 examples of website types that can be created with the Drupal CMS:

File Storage Website

This type of website can be very useful for efficient client files management. For example, you can manage client files on the website – However, in case of a file storage website, you might not get much control over it. In order to create a file sharing platform through Drupal, you can make the use of ‘CCK’ and ‘Views’ along with some modules like ‘MediaMover’, ‘Filebrowser’ or ‘Web File Manager’.

Social Networking Website

In terms of a social networking website potential, Drupal is one of the best CMSs. Drupal’s outstanding interface provides with an extremely robust user management and permission system. However, if you wish to create a real social network, you will have to utilize some modules as well. You will find a list of all the modules that can be used in the official Drupal documentation.

Twitter Clone Website

I assume that you are not thinking of establishing a Twitter competitor website through Drupal, but if you want to, you can! You can design an appropriate Drupal website and incorporate the microblogging features to the website. Drupal comprises of a microblogging module that will enable your users to send short updates and much more.

News Portal Website

Drupal is the perfect tool if you would like to create a news website or an online magazine website. With the use of CCK and Views, you can create various post types and list them according to your preference. A wide range of news websites around the world are created with the Drupal platform. In order to make sure that the news portal is functioning perfectly it is also important to select an appropriate Drupal hosting platform.

Blogging Network Website

Creating a blogging network is fairly easy with Drupal; no additional module is required for doing this. All you need is a built-in blog module and the good news is that you can make it more interesting as well. For example, one of the most popular blogging networks – Wisebread was created through the Drupal CMS.

Video Sharing Website

This type of website extremely resources intensive but if you would like to create one anyway then you can surely do it with Drupal. As of now, a video sharing website cannot be created with Drupal 7 however the FlashVideo provides with an efficient solution for establishing a YouTube clone. This becomes possible because it integrates with CCK and converts the videos into FLV thus enabling your users to share the videos and embed the code. You can also try the ‘Media Mover’ and ‘SWF’ tools.

Image Sharing Website

An image sharing website is perfect for amateur photographers or for any group of people who would like to share photos. The image module provided by Drupal is extremely powerful and enables you to create image-based websites like Flickr. For example, MyFinePix is an image sharing website.

News Website Like Digg

As a result of the ‘Drigg’ module, it is considerately easy to create your own Digg clone. You can easily design and use a website like this according to your preference.

Drupal is a multi-purpose and an efficient content management system. If you would like to create any of the website types mentioned above, Drupal is the best choice!

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