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Confused to Go with Plesk? Check These Top 10 Reasons

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The next thing after selecting a web hosting solution is the control panel. This is because you will be able to manage your website through it. The selection of a control panel depends upon the type of operating system you are going to select – Linux or Windows. cPanel control panel is available only on Linux while Plesk control panel works with both Linux as well as Windows.

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In this article, we are going to check the reasons for Plesk’s popularity, apart from its flexibility on Linux as well as Windows.

Plesk is a popular web hosting control panel offered by Parallels Inc. and so, is also known as Parallels Plesk Panel. Frames are used by Plesk to run the web based control panel GUI. While comparing the list of features, you will find that Plesk is similar to cPanel and hence, offers all the bells and whistles as the cPanel does. Additionally, it offers extra in terms of security and targeted features such as WordPress mass management tools.

Plesk is best for automating, running, and growing applications. It runs over 380,000 servers globally and automates over 19 million mailboxes and 11 million websites. Since it is the system that is available across 140 countries, 50% of the top service providers globally select Plesk to support their customer support systems. Plesk has been improving the performance of several small businesses and system admins since its launch in 2001 and is continuously adding supportive features across a range of cloud services.

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Top 10 Reasons to Select Plesk Control Panel for Your Web Hosting

Let’s now check the 10 reasons for selecting Plesk:

1. Easy-to-Use Website Builder

Want to create a perfect website? It’s very easy with Plesk. Today, the web developers can design and implement highly-responsive websites which are capable of working on any device with this exceptional control panel. Build online stores with secure checkout features, add a blog or product listing functions and share your thought-leadership every day. Even beginners that have no or very little knowledge of website-building can use this control panel.

2. Strong Server and Site Security

Security is the key aspect for any business and so, every developer is always thinking of it. At last, we all need to think about securing our websites from the rising threat of hacking. With Plesk, you get a high level of security that includes operating system as well as applications and network and much more. Plesk control panel is built by considering security at first and so it offers peace of mind for your web development project.

3. Centralized Control Panel

Plesk is simple but also comes with a single pane of glass control panel that helps the developers to easily manage multiple websites at once. Agencies or companies that have broader online presence will find Plesk as perfect for their website management. This single dashboard helps to build your websites, run updates, monitor performance and more from one location only.

4. Allows to Install Applications

Plesk can also help you in designing a futuristic application for your customers. Apart from just offering control for website building, it also offers various unique features for helping you in designing your desired website. For example, it allows you to add a broad range of third-party applications to your website from its catalogue.

5. Introduction of Extension Catalogue

The company has recently developed an extension catalogue, owned by it which improves the Plesk experience for its users. Users can just tap into array of powerful extensions. You can select the extensions from GitHub, WordPress toolkits, Docker and NGINX. You simply need to click on the extension tab and browse to select your option.

6. Highly Compatible with Other Platforms

Most of the developers select the online control panel by keeping ease of use as their top priority. Plesk is the sole hosting as well as web operations platform that can run on all container as well as virtualization platforms and cloud hosting platforms such as Google Cloud, Azure, AWS and so on.

7. Plenty of Control and Flexibility

The next critical element to consider while creating your online presence is flexibility. Plesk offers full root access to your project via SSH that helps you to make the most of every project. This indicates that you can install any third-party, open source or custom applications required for your business improvement.

8. Offers Automatic Backups

Being a developer, you might have spent your time worrying about your data loss due to outage or sudden error. There is a solution offered to this by Plesk, which comes in the form of their recently-added “Backup” service. You can create either full or incremental backups for your website along with the ability of rolling back the changes on your database quickly as well as efficiently.

9. Self-Repair Tools for Technical Issues

Today, all businesses need the work to be done fast and you as a developer doesn’t have time for fixing the complex issues. Plesk helps you to recover the data automatically and also has the resolving capacity. This helps the system to automatically identify and begin to repair technical issues without any support.

10. Continuous Enhancement 

Plesk keeps a track on the developer market in order to find new ways for creating secure, efficient and fast infrastructure. Its open architecture allows customers and partners alike to tailor their experience with several additional applications and extensions. The team of innovative developers makes it a point to offer evolving experience. Plesk is available in 32 languages and can be the ultimate online control panel.

List of Features offered by Plesk Control Panel

  • You can change the password for accessing the control panel.
  • Using FTP, you can enhance the web space.
  • It helps to remove, install and manage databases and web applications.
  • For securing your online transactions, you can install SSL certificates. For this, you will require a dedicated IP address that will allow you to install the SSL certificate on your site. This is because it isn’t possible to install the certificate on a shared IP address.
  • You can remove, set up and manage subdomains.
  • You are allowed to host personal web pages for others to use.
  • Set up a password for ensuring the security of specific areas of a website.
  • Customize web server error messages.
  • Take the backup and restore a website along with its databases and apps.
  • Schedule backups in an easy way.
  • Create, modify and remove mailboxes and ensure they stay secure from all kinds of viruses and spam.
  • Provide access to individual email admin panel to users who have mailbox. This makes it very convenient for those who run mail hosting services or create mailboxes for users.
  • Create, modify and remove mail forwarders and automatic replies.
  • Create, manage and remove the mailing lists and the users.

What’s Your Decision?

After going through the significant reasons and features to select Plesk, I think you will surely select it for your website. Plesk is flexible with both operating systems so, there won’t be any difficulty even if you select Linux operating system.

Happy Hosting!

The Author

Pallavi is a Digital Marketing Executive at MilesWeb and has an experience of over 4 years in content development. She is interested in writing engaging content on business, technology, web hosting and other topics related to information technology.

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