User is not authorised for Mail in Horde cPanel

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Updated onApril 5, 2018

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You might receive error as below when accessing Horde from webmail on a cPanel installed server. It allows you to login. But, when you access specific email account, it shows this message/error. It usually happens when you migrate servers OR rebuild it.

User <email account>  is not authorised for Mail

The reason for the error is Horde database might be corrupt OR it needs a reset.

Check database if corrupt and repair it.

Command to check database is

mysqlcheck horde

It will show the table which is corrupt. If it is, repair it with command below. Table horde_alarms is just for reference if it’s corrupt. Replace the table name accordingly.

myisamchk -r -o /var/lib/mysql/horde/horde_alarms.MYI

This should sort it. If you still get the same message it’s time to reset horde. Don’t forget to take database backup.

mysqldump horde > horde.sql

Reset Horde with command below.


If you still face any issues contact our support team & they will be happy to fix it for you.


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