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.ART Domain: The Need Of Every Artist

.ART Domain: The Need Of Every Artist

Do you have an artistic behavior and developed many art assets? It is the time to showcase them in front of art lovers. I know you usually like to visit museums, art galleries, and exhibitions.

But the thing is, when COVID-19 hit our daily life, websites became part of a new normal. So, how can you ignore the importance of art websites? It is a good medium to brand your creativity in an online world.

Now, after you have developed a website, you will then require a TOP level domain name to mark its online identity. After all, it determines your URL and makes visitors understand what kind of website you are running. 

Thus, registering your domain name with the .art domain extension and MilesWeb will make this task easier for you. Make your .art domain online available with our domain registration services.

Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of domain extensions for different websites, and before May 10 2017, it was challenging for art website owners to get a .art domain extension. However, after the introduction .ART domain extension added more credibility to art websites. Thus, as of September 20, 2020, over 86,000 .art domain names were registered.

Let us overview this blog and understand why .ART domain extensions are a necessity for artists and all art lovers. Keep reading.

What is .ART Domain Extension?

We hope you are aware of the .com and .net domain extensions. What do they portray? The. com domain extension websites deal with commercial activities like trading, eCommerce, etc. At the same time, the .net domain extension stands for networking technology that helps companies to launch their business online.

Getting the .ART domain extension is easy and quick. All you need to do is to approach the domain registrar. Although .com, .net, and .org are popular domain extensions, they don’t need to suit your art websites. If you want to build your identity online, it is better to opt for .art extension. Moreover, Amazon, Bank of America, Mercedes, and other brands also have .art extension websites.

In many cases, we didn’t get to pick our given domain names, but digital identity is important for your site. The .ART domain offers a solution that allows you to use any name you want but also instantly connects your name with the art community.

If you use a .ART domain name, you are immediately recognized as an artist before anyone visits your website. By using the word “art” in your website address, you automatically alert visitors to the creative nature of your business. The marketing tool is built right into your online presence and is simple but effective. With your, you can establish a central location for questions about your professional history, work, and projects

Benefits Of Having A .ART Extension

1. The Shorter Is Better

.ART is also 3 characters long, just like a . COM or .NET extensions. There are benefits to keeping it short. If you fill out an online form, you will often be required to enter your email address as a username, etc. With fewer characters, you will be able to save yourself milliseconds that can add up to minutes, hours, and even days.

For instance, if your domain name is the, it would have saved hundreds of dollars because the .com extension is more expensive. It is now easier to find shorter domains at a lower price with the .ART extension due to greater availability.

2. Higher recalling power

Incorporate the artist name with a .art domain and improve your website ranking to help visitors find it better. For instance, several commercial organizations uses the .com extension for its commercial websites, whereas the .art domain extension is used for artistic initiatives. Don’t you think you can recall the domain name easily by adding just TLDs?

3. Creating Domains for Individual Products

The competition on the internet is challenging; you have to create websites to build a unique identity and minimize the probability of leaving behind in a vast ocean of web world. Your website should be unique because customers demand uniqueness with the .ART extension, you can market your most popular artistic assets like graphics, paintings, and much more. For instance, if you have customized mugs to promote, just put the .art extension and allow visitors to find your art store easily.

4. Good for Targeted Marketing Campaigns

You can make your targeted marketing campaign more legitimate by using the .art extension. After all, it is easier for you to redirect the traffic from other websites to yours. Create an excellent artistic portfolio on your website and promote the advancement of technology. It will skyrocket your sales.

5. Enhance the Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit contain plenty of anonymous links. These links come with several letters and characters like If you are also using this same approach, the chances are higher that visitors will not remember these links. Therefore, to boost your branding of artistic activities on social media sites by using the .ART domain extension. Online visitors easily recall links like instead of bitly shortened URLs.

6. Keeping Your Subscribers Safe

Artists who take commissions over their websites are more vulnerable to cyber threats. It is because hackers or cyber attackers find data security loopholes to hamper financial transaction activities. By using a .ART domain, any subscriber of your site receiving an email will be able to identify fake emails much more easily. For example, an email sent from versus is much easier to spot, which is the fake one.

.ART vs .COM: Which Is Better?

Since the 1980s, the .COM extension has been ruling the web world. As the extension suggests, it shows domain names deal with commercial activities. Because of its popularity, buying your favorite .com domain name in an online marketplace is expensive.

On the other hand, the .ART extension was specially configured for websites promoting arts and culture a few years back. The .ART extension matches with what websites are doing and easily links with the targeted audience. 

Having a creative website with the .com extension will confuse your target audience about what kind of website you are running. Whether it is a commercial or creative site? Thus, choosing the .ART extension in your domain name can acquire new art customers. As a result, they will find the site more direct, relevant, and interactive.

How to Get the .ART Domain Extension?

After reading plenty of reasons to choose this extension, you are now thinking about where to get this domain extension. MilesWeb is the right destination to get a .art extension only at Rs. 399. Register today and present an industry-specific domain extension for art lovers. No rocket science is needed to have your websites with a .art domain name. It is a matter of a few clicks, and there you are with your .art website.

MilesWeb supports the artistic community by offering a reliable domain extension. So, don’t delay in fostering your creativity; register your domain name today itself.

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