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4 Key Features Of Money Making eCommerce Websites


eCommerce is a booming industry in almost all the countries. Sellers from various fields set up online stores to earn profit and be a part of the growing eCommerce industry. There are some businesses that do well in middle of tough competition and there are some businesses that keep struggling for a long time. For determining the success of an online store, it is important to understand the consumers, it is important to know what features and functionalities your consumers are looking for. If your online store website is not built for customer satisfaction, you might lose out on competition and customers.

Here are 5 important features that every successful and money making eCommerce website consists of:

Ease Of Use

The design and architecture of an eCommerce website must be aligned in accordance with the search pattern of the target audience for gaining more product information. Study the consumer behavior and how they navigate within the website. Perform a detailed check on factors like home page, categories and product lists. If you look at these aspects from customer’s point of view, then you will realize what changes are to be made. Moreover, your eCommerce website should include a history that shows the recently viewed items so that customers don’t have to navigate with the back button.

Faster Load Times

People shop online for convenience and luxury, therefore, an eCommerce website has to be fast to live up to the expectations of the consumers. Slow website speed is one of the main reasons why customers leave the website even if they intend to buy the products on that website. Along with optimizing the content and images of your website, you also need to check the hosting location of your website. Although you might not have thought about this, server location can slow down the website. For instance, if you are based in India and your customers are also from India, then you must make sure that your website is hosted in India. This will reduce the number of hops and the website will resolve faster. Once you choose the appropriate hosting location, you will notice the difference in your eCommerce website speed right away.

Perfect Product Descriptions

Product descriptions must be apt and interesting. There should be no discrepancies between the information of the product and the product reality. In case the product description does not match the reality of the product, it creates confusion in the minds of the people. The product descriptions should be short and interesting as well so that people understand the utility that they will be getting from the product. You can consider the shopping cart hosting platforms like osCommerce hosting, PrestaShop hosting, CubeCart hosting, AbanteCart hosting etc. for streamlining the product images and adding descriptions accordingly.

Profound Checkout Experience

Many eCommerce business owners are dealing with the tough challenge of shopping cart abandonment. In order to reduce this, it is important to analyze the checkout process. The checkout process should be seamless and easy for a customer so that shopping cart abandonment is reduced. Completing the online transaction should be an easy process for the customers; this can be done by eliminating the hurdles in the checkout process. Your eCommerce website should have the options like logging in, registering, logging in through a social networking website or proceeding with the checkout process as a guest. Appropriate credit card logos and website security symbols must be added in the checkout process. Also, customers should be notified through email after the transaction process is complete.

Define Product Policies Clearly

Every eCommerce website should have proper policies in place. When someone buys from your website, he/she makes a leap of faith and trusts you with the product quality. Therefore, every eCommerce website owner should have proper product policies in place for refunds, product exchange, product return, warranties etc. Create a separate page on the website where people can read about the policies and know what process is followed on the website.

Although an eCommerce website is made up of many factors, following the most important ones will enable you to survive the competition. If you perfect the simple things about your eCommerce website, you will go a long way in creating brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

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