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How to Improve Open, Click, And Conversion Emails for E-Commerce?

boost your e-commerce email marketing ctr

Conversion rates are important; aren’t you keen to boost these rates for your business?

Poor conversion rates are a nightmare to entrepreneurs like you, and as a digital marketing agency, we can understand the concern. 

Whether you are a legendary firm or an emerging business, you are keen to implement marketing campaigns that boost your conversion rates and improve business stability. 

Your business needs an ideal balance of new and existing customers that run like clockwork to generate revenue, and how do they do so:

  • Visit your website
  • Search products, like them, and add to their cart
  • They make quick purchases without giving a second thought

Sounds perfect, right?

The truth is that many visitors are likely to leave without adding products to the cart. 

A wordstream study states that an ideal conversion rate for any website is 2.35% on average, and only the top-notch companies have been observed to reach 3-5X higher than the ideal rate. 

It is, therefore, important to concentrate on your marketing campaigns to boost conversion rates of your eCommerce website.

As industry experts, we can recommend the best digital marketing services for your eCommerce brand, and hence in this extract, we have shared the following:

Major Hurdles for eCommerce Businesses to Drive Conversions

Honestly, every consumer has a different reason for not making the final payment. From our experience and research, we have gathered the common reasons that restrict consumers from purchasing.

They include:

➢ Wrong target audience

➢ Your website left a bad first-time experience

➢ You do not consider mobile users

➢ Your website is not optimized

➢ Difficulty to understand your services

➢ Website copies are not relatable

➢ Poor product images

➢ The CTA is misleading

➢ Confusing page structures

➢ Your consumers don’t find you reliable

➢ The checkout process is lengthy

➢ Additional shipping charges restrict consumers ➢ Unclear re-targeting and remarketing strategies

Now that you have an idea about common errors, you can avoid them. Simultaneously, if you are experiencing them, it’s a sign that it is a mistake; you haven’t failed and can work on it. 

Remember, it is important to understand your mistakes, learn to fix them, and improve your business regularly. 

9 Best Initiatives To Boost Conversion Rates For Your eCommerce Business

Today, we will share some actionable insights and tips that can assist your eCommerce business to generate more conversions without the pressure of tapping on more visitors. 

Let’s dig deeper!

#1 Use Persuasive Design and Content

Let’s begin with the most predominant aspect of the website design that influences conversion rates to a great extent. 

This is an unwritten norm for eCommerce business, and you must remember it:

“Your site must be designed in a manner that keeps visitors on the page or drives them ahead in the transaction; otherwise, none of the further tactics are likely to have a positive impact on your website.”

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To begin with, your site needs to be visually pleasing and, at the same time, convincing. 

A visually pleasing website can quickly grab your visitor’s attention and compel them to stay on the website for a few seconds. But, at the same time, persuasive content can convince them to know more about your services and navigate further across the website. 

There are three primary aspects that you must consider to enable this, and they are:

  • The main image
  • The text used
  • The text in the inlaid CTA button

This gives your visitors a clear picture of who you are, what’s expected from them, and you get what you want!

Most eCommerce businesses find it challenging to differentiate between good and persuasive copies.

A persuasive copy keeps your visitors engaged with your website and leads them forward to other page categories and ultimately towards the final checkout.

A few entrepreneurs confuse persuasive copy with being a salesy jargon or tagline. Instead, it is a copy that represents your brand’s identity through a single word or phrase on your website. 

use persuasive design and content

The above copy clearly describes the USP of the MacBook Air and its trending features. It is a shout-out for anyone in search of a portable notebook. 

#2 Keep It Simple to Navigate 

Would you walk in a store again where products are placed in an unorganized manner and in random categories?

Less likely to enter it again!

Similarly, your visitors are less likely to visit an eCommerce store that is unorganized and leaves them confusing. 

A potential visitor is in search of a product, comes and walks through your site but fails to find what he needs; then, he is likely to jump on to your competitor’s website the very next second!

Despite your high-end product range and services, you are bound to lose a visitor.

Instead, offer a navigation and search bar at the top so that visitors can skimp through different product categories, look for a product that they are interested in and make a quick purchase. 

This can further lead them to check for other products they are interested in across different categories and learn more about your services.

This way, you will offer them a taste of a quick purchase and simultaneously create an opportunity to learn more about your services. 

There are multiple factors to consider while optimizing your website, and we must discuss them further, but search functionality is one of the most promising features to drive-in conversions. 

A quick search tool that shows relevant products is more like a magic wand for your customers, enhancing their website navigation experience. Alongside, well-structured product pages with all necessary product information make purchase decisions easier. 

#3 Shop Via Social Media Platforms

Your brand is present and active on various social media platforms, right?

Most brands are present on almost every social media platform but active on only a few of them. For instance, certain brands prefer promoting services only through their Instagram profile, even if they are on other sites. 

A mere presence on these platforms is less likely to push you through sales. Instead, you have to use these channels to directly connect with your customers, increase followers, and optimize sales. 

You have to be mindful of the content you share on your pages because it is important to align your messages with your brand. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, then Instagram would be a better platform where you can share more products do more of the talking than your caption. 

Besides, a good quality image and design can capture the hearts of your visitors and compel them to make purchases from your Instagram profile. 

#4 Personalize

There are two effective ways to personalize your visitor’s experience on your website, and they are:

  • Show pathways to your visitors
  • Offer dynamic content

You can use tools and software to create and share informative, personalized, and dynamic content, product recommendations, and offers with your visitors. You can use geographic, demographic, and psychographic data to create effective content.

For instance, an effective email marketing campaign is based on the personalized content shared in your emails to capture potential leads. 

The modern AI and ML tools can personalize customer experiences on the website with timely reminders of new products and check out the products added to the cart. 

#5 Regular Discount Offers

Discounts are common, and every other brand offers them during the festive season but what makes you stand out is to offer personalized discounts to your visitors. 

Ensure that you offer a valid discount code or coupon because there is nothing worse than disappointing a customer with an invalid discount coupon. 

One way to personalize your discount strategy is to give your customers the leverage to use the coupon at their ease without a suffocating deadline.

For instance, you can offer a personalized discount coupon to your loyal customers that expire after a year so that they can use it for any of their purchases and don’t have to make a mandatory purchase within 30 days. 

However, you can try different discount tactics based on your audience preferences so that both of you can benefit from the strategy. 

Loyalty cards are one of the traditional tactics that may work for your visitors. In this strategy, you can offer different cards based on the purchase frequency of their purchases. For instance, the Target Red card allows their consumers to use this card at any of their stores enjoy a 5% additional discount and 30 days’ free return benefits; customers don’t have to pay any additional annual fees for the card. 

# 6 Avail Guest Checkout Facility

Does your website allow users to go back, make changes and make quick payments?

Not really; they are asked to register.

This can be one of the many reasons your visitors abandon the cart and do not return to your website. 

As much as you want to know your visitors and customers, they might visit you to make a quick purchase. Therefore, it is important to allow guest users to purchase immediately without registering and creating an account. 

They may be purchasing a gift for a friend or a purchase on behalf of the friend and hence are less keen to register on your website. 

Regardless of the reason, it would help to allow users to log in as a guest, make their purchases, and close the transaction. In case they are happy with your services, they may recommend your brand to their friends or might as well return to your brand a year later for another purchase. 

Make sure that you do not want to eliminate this scope of potential purchases in the future and allow guest purchases or loyalty programs to retain customers. 

#7 Positive Social Presence

Social presence and online reputation hold paramount significance in conversion rates. As per a Nielsen study, 84% of consumers rely on recommendations from family members, friends, and peers over marketing ads and other online content. 

Consumerists stated that 70% of online buyers trust and check product reviews before purchasing from a brand. This means product reviews are important either on the website or through word-of-mouth. 

A positive social presence can assist you to increase customer purchases, retention, and eventually your conversion rates. 

You can also showcase your best-selling product to your customers to know what others are purchasing and invest in it if they need the same product. 

positive social presence

In case, you come across a negative review or social presence, make sure that you acknowledge it and work on it. That consumer may or may not revisit you, but it assures visitors that you are a reliable brand that likes to work on your flaws. 

#8 Re-connect with Cart Abandoners

Despite optimizing the website and working on it, you are still likely to face instances where a potential buyer has added products to the cart and left them unattended for months. 

Such cart abandonments are common, and there are only two ways to cope with them, and they are:

★ Re-connect with them

★ Move on

You know better which one to choose.

Firstly, check whether, unknowingly, you are not making any common website mistakes shared at the start of the article. The next step is to discuss how to reach out to them and get them back.

re-connect with cart abandoners

There are different tactics to re-connect with cart abandoners, and they are:

➔ Figure out their main reason for leaving and work on eliminating that issue

➔ Offer incentives for completing the order through pop-ups, email content, and remarketing campaigns

➔ Emphasizing the product value to your customers through the above techniques

➔ You lose a customer only when you let them go. A cart abandoner can turn into a loyal customer for your brand with the right offer.

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#9 Include Multiple Delivery And Payment Options

You should only add steps in your checkout process when you want to give payment and delivery options to your customers. 

Most modern customers prefer quick and secure online payments, and offering them options make it convenient for them to make payments. This way, you can track which payment options your customers prefer and cater to their needs. 

Similarly, varied delivery options allow customers to prioritize price, time, and choose an option at their convenience. 

Customers get an opportunity to choose the product and payment and delivery options. 

Fix Your Conversion Rate Killer!

The eCommerce industry is dynamic, and your customers’ demands keep changing every day. The above tips can guide you to overcome these dynamic demands; however, our digital marketing experts assure to offer you an experienced perspective to fuel your conversion rates. 

The Author

Bharat Patel, who heads the digital marketing team at Brainvire Infotech, is armed with over 12 years of experience in the fields of online marketing and project management. He is extremely proactive in implementing the latest technological innovations in his projects. Bharat’s core expertise lies in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization, among other things. His immense flare of writing encourages him to consistently pen down words revolving around current trends and innovations that relate to his fields of interest.

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