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Updated onApril 27, 2022

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An average customer makes the maximum use of the internet for finding anything related to the daily life or for improvising on the business front. This is the current trend that is going to see a lot of growth in the future. Considering this trend, it is surely the best time to setup your eCommerce website. While there are countless ways of doing this; you can start by utilizing the best of plugins for WordPress in order to set up a successful eCommerce website.

You might have heard about some of the plugins that help you to sell the products through your WordPress blog; however you might not be aware of what they are exactly and how they can be utilized for ensuring the best for your eCommerce website. Here are some of the most interesting eCommerce plugins that will provide you with the best platform to sell your products through the WordPress blog.


eShop is a free plugin that comprises of a full fledged eCart. It has a user friendly interface that enables you to easily add products, review products and check the statistics related to the products. The whole system can be customized to look awesome. However when it comes to eShop, you can only accept payments through PayPal or Payson or use eShop as a payment system, this plugin does not enable you to create an invoice for the customer as can be done through PayPal.


Ecwid is one of the most efficient free plugins for WordPress. It is equipped with the shopping cart / eCommerce system that can be installed easily and is also easy to maintain. It is customizable; therefore you can make it look the way you want to. You can checkout the online showcase gallery presented by them in order to see the live examples of this plugin.

When it comes to Ecwid, it is greatly dependent on Ajax; this might have a bad impact on the search engine optimization. The users who don’t have JavaScript enabled might find it difficult to access your website.

WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce is also a great eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is one of the most widely used eCommerce plugins that also comprises of many features. It’s not just a plugin, its much more than that. Some of the most complex and robust websites out there utilize this plugin.

WP e-commerce enables you to accept manual payments through – Check, PayPal payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, money orders, Chronopay and Google Checkout.


This is an excellent cart plugin for WordPress. It involves a slightly higher price tag as compared to the rest of them, however in the price you pay; you get a single license for software, after getting this you can purchase more plugins like shipping modules, payment gateways and any other plugins required. This is one of the most efficient eCommerce plugins for WordPress and a lucrative investment for any business especially when it comes to online product purchases.

Installing the plugin and using it is extremely easy. It has a clean and simple interface as compared to the other plugins. Good customer support is offered however quite a bit of documentation is required. You can also avail of the user forum on the official website.


This is another paid plugin for WordPress that features different prices for the Standard edition and for the Pro edition. In terms of quality, it can be said that this plugin is better than the free versions and it is also easier to use.

In terms of features it is more or less similar to the plugins mentioned earlier. However it accepts a few more payment gateways comprising of PayPal Website Payments Professional, PayPal Website Payment Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, eProcessing Network, Quantum Gateway, Chase Paymentech and authorize.net. It is highly customizable as well and a complete eCommerce solution.

Selecting the perfect eCommerce solution also depends on factors like:

• What kind of investment you are wiling to make

• What you want eCommerce solution to do for you

• Knowledge you have in terms of developing, running and customizing the online store

Most of these eCommerce plugins are great for small and medium scale businesses, while some of them are apt for managing the big online store websites. However when your business outgrows this platform, it is better to opt for a professional eCommerce hosting solution.

In order to get that initial start and to get going with the eCommerce website, the above mentioned plugins will work best for you. So go ahead and start working on the eCommerce plan that you had in mind.


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