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Top 15 Magento Extensions for eCommerce Website

Magento is a popular eCommerce web application development platform in the online market. It is a unique online tool that guarantees an increase in revenue and goodwill of the organization. If the online retailers need to take full advantage of this effective eCommerce platform, then they should install plugins or extensions in their shopping website. This approach permits to extend the functionality of the online shops and ensures future-proof business with exceptional yields and advanced benefits.

There are countless plugins that are accessible over the web for shopping websites, however selecting the productive ones can be the tedious task for the entrepreneurs. Below updated are the Top 15 Magento plugins that you can install on your eCommerce shopping website. These plugins will help you to grow your business in the present competitive edge.

1) ShipWorks:


Businessmen need development in their business because it is a positive perspective that guarantees the most extreme benefits.  Shipping is a bigger issue for the online retailers around the world. Shipworks is an incomparable Magento extension that provides outstanding features, for example, labels creation, sending an email to the clients and redesigning orders. It is being utilized by a majority of the carriers like FedEx, DHL, and so on.

2) Price Slider Daffodil:


The vast majority of the online users gets baffled while hunting down a specific item on an eCommerce website. It is because they find a plenty of products in their search results that doesn’t fit in their requirements. Installation of Magento extension Price Slider Dafodil on the eCommerce stores encourages the online users to indicate the price range of each item, thus making the shopping ease and time saver.

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3) Zopim Live Chat:


In today’s fast-paced world, the online users can’t stand to hold up even a fraction of second for a response from the websites owner’s end. It is the duty of the entrepreneurs to react promptly and address the need of their clients, else they will search for another choice from shopping perspectives. Zopim Live Chat, a Magento powered extension, deals with this issue and speed up the response time.

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4) SecurePay:


Adding security to the online transactions can help you to gain the trust of your clients who like to shop online. The online users won’t prefer to spend a single rupee on shopping from your eCommerce website unless you guarantee the users that their exchange is profoundly secure. Fontis SecurePay Magento plugin is a perfect solution that sorts out this issue totally by handling the payments in a safe way with the assistance of SecureXML gateway. It guarantees the users that payment details provided by them are safe.

5) Checkout Newsletter:


An essential idea of the business’ prosperity is to hold the potential users and engage them in the most recent offerings with the goal that they are persuaded to shop from your online store. The campaigns and newsletters are an extraordinary approach to bring up more users to shop online. Checkout Newsletter, an intense Magento plugin that highlights “Sign up for newsletter” alternative that increases the interest of the users to shop from your eCommerce website later on.

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6) Magic Zoom:


The propensity of the online users is that they want to know every information related to the specific item before buying. Magic Zoom empowers the clients to zoom in any item that is available on the online store, with the goal that they can get in depth details. The most vital feature of this plugin is that it works successfully even on the cell phones and tablets, subsequently encouraging the clients to view items on varied screen sizes.

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7) SERP Editor:


It encourages the website owners to edit, overview and see the information or content the users will see when it gets listed in the search engines. This expansion gives change in CTR (Click Through Rate), conversion and deals on your eCommerce stores. If you are looking for the conversion rate, then you need to make brief and clear titles, keywords and description. With the assistance of this plugin, you may likewise enhance SEO positioning on the search engine for driving more traffic towards your eCommerce business website.

8) Yotpo Product Reviews:


With the revolution in the eCommerce industry, users have adopted advanced strategies while shopping online for a particular website. Before purchasing any product or service, users evaluate review or feedbacks about the item over the web. With this plugin, you will be able to provide them the facility to evaluate the products on your website. Positive reviews about the items available on a shopping website drive more potential clients and increase the revenue. This extension easily gets integrated and works consistently.

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9) Extended Grid with the Editor:


With regards to editing or dealing with a huge amount of items on a shopping website, then this plugin assumes a vital part as it makes the task easier. With the assistance of extended product grid, the store owners can edit the item attributes and redesign the items all the time. It also provides them with the facility to sort as well as filter the products accordingly. This plugin is ideal for those eCommerce stores that have varieties in price levels for several factors.

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10) Advance News Pro:


This expansion is profoundly capable and empowers the online retailers to give the most recent redesigns and news for the customers with respect to advancement and accomplishments. After integrating this extension into the e-commerce websites, the clients will get every information instantly. It offers one more feature to the website’s administrator that they can list of all new items as per class and adjust them in any position, for example, right, left and center. Advance News Pro accompanies a lot of components like a user-friendly interface, hassle-free installation, multilingual support and much more.

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11) All Ajax Pro:


This Magento extension is exceptionally good in terms of functionality and gives an awesome shopping experience to the online users. All Ajax Pro can easily remove the items from the online store. The clients can experience some outstanding features in light of Ajax, for example, Quick Login, Registration, Ajax Add-to-Wishlist, Add-to-Compare_list, Add-to-Cart, and so forth.

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12) Video and Content Testimonials:


This plugin is fairly extraordinary in different ways and empowers the online clients to impart their insight with respect to the business through YouTube videos and pictures. With this extension, testimonials can be overseen effortlessly. Important features of the Testimonials extension is that it gives full control to the local website owners.

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13) Actionable Google Analytics Magento Extensions:


This expansion supports features like Google Analytics to enhanced online business, following client ID, and so forth. Additionally, it likewise supports Content Grouping, Product Refund, IP Anonymization and much more. After installing this plugin, the website’s administrator can simply focus on helpful activities instead of wasting valuable time in implementing a complicated code of Google Analytics.

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14) Latest Tweet Magento Extensions:


This is an effective extension that permits you to develop the social popularity of business by showing the most recent tweets on Magento based eCommerce stores.

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15) Product Matrix- Custom Shipping Rates Extension:


Product Matrix is an exceptionally advanced Shipping Extension that supports shipping rates on the basis of a few parameters like the destination, quantity, the price of the product, and so forth.

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We hope that above mentioned Magento extensions will support your eCommerce business website. Integrate all these plugins in your eCommerce store and experience the change in visibility, traffic, functionality, and returns on investment.

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