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A Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services Buyers Guide

Technology is continuously evolving with time. Therefore, different industry segments are looking for cloud computing models like IaaS (Information as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Different cloud service providers like AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft Azure, Linode and VULTR are offering organizations reliable cloud infrastructure for organizations to host mission-critical workloads. To manage these platforms, we have cheap cloud hosting solutions where you can manage them easily.

Optimizing the IT workload with cloud infrastructure will make businesses efficient. When an organization adopts the cloud infrastructure, many of them are unaware of managing the cloud infrastructure. Technical functions like optimization, monitoring, and managing cloud resources are some of the activities that professionals manage. Therefore, web hosting companies like MilesWeb will manage your cloud infrastructure.

If you want to get a managed service for your business, here is the right guide to refer to! This is the same as the AWS managed services user guide.

What Is Meant by Managed Cloud Service Provider?

There are professional third-party service providers managing cloud infrastructure. Outsourcing them will allows businesses to focus on their operations. To run business effectively, managed cloud services minimize the cost of IT talent acquisition and their expenses. Just pay a nominal subscription amount with (Pay-per-Use) model and run your cloud infrastructure error-free.

After all, investing such a huge amount on the cloud infrastructure is a big concern. So, any kind of management error will lead to a massive business failure. Furthermore, it will also affect the revenue of business when a cloud infrastructure collapses. Remember that managing cloud infrastructure is a challenging task and therefore it is better to hand over this operational duty to managed cloud service providers.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Managed Cloud Service Provider

1. Expertise

Undoubtedly, there are different cloud computing models like PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and others. So, a managed cloud service provider must have a deep level of expertise to manage them all. Sometimes enterprises leverage multiple cloud computing models in their operations. Hence, a managed service provider must align its services with computing goals of an organization.

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2. Proven experience

Managing a multi-cloud environment is a challenging task and experienced vendors can accomplish the task effectively. This is why collaborating with an experienced cloud service provider is the best thing you can do. MilesWeb is an experienced cloud service provider carrying years of expertise in managing the multi-cloud environment.

3. Cybersecurity

We all know how much data security concerns are rising worldwide. In 2021, an estimated figure of $6 trillion worldwide was damaged due to poor cybersecurity. The cloud service provider must check the security and compliance levels. MilesWeb adheres to all data regulatory guidelines followed worldwide. Thus, businesses worldwide must check service providers on security and compliance levels. If we talk about MilesWeb, they are a leading cloud service provider having over 64 data centers worldwide. Due to different geographical presence of servers, they are easilyCatering to clients worldwide.

4. Full Stack of Technologies

Meeting different cloud computing needs is possible only when robust technologies are deployed in the cloud infrastructure. Not just the current application, but deployed cloud infrastructure should meet futuristic tech needs of organizations.

If the future roadmap is fine for the service provider, organizations and the service provider will easily match the  cloud computing trends. This is because businesses need continuous innovation to evolve and grow.

5. Performance based SLA’s

It is the provider’s responsibility to define and provide the basic levels of service level agreements as per your business needs. It is also important for the provider to monitor and manage changes made to the applications and to provide the appropriate performance reports to help you improve your service.

6. Automated Approach

To reduce human intervention and improve quality & productivity, providers should have a suite of tools, automated capabilities, and collaboration models. Migration and ongoing management should be handled by sophisticated back-end technology. Workload categorization and priority, incident escalation, and remediation Should be managed by their processes.

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7. Customer Support

A managed service provider must be able to serve customers with reliable support and proper assistance. Providing customer support should be a part of the SLA (Service Level Agreement). Also, 24×7 tech support is a must for organizations to troubleshoot all technical issues. This is why MilesWeb offers support inclusive in their managed cloud services.

8. Reasonable Pricing

Although managing the cloud infrastructure seems like a challenging part, it doesn’t mean spending all the operational amount on  it. Invest only a reasonable amount that fits the budget. It is important to choose a proper managed cloud provider that optimizes your cloud management process accordingly without asking to infuse too much money.

Final Thoughts:

Focus on your core business objectives by collaborating with a reliable managed service provider. Cloud managed service providers ensure that businesses get a higher ROI and most out of their investment. Embracing the digital infrastructure in this technical evolution phase will make businesses profitable.

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