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How To Use Cloud To Solve Blockchain Challenges?

Use Cloud To Solve Blockchain Challenges

Whenever there is a term for Blockchain, many of you think this technology is only limited to cryptocurrencies. But it is not! Web3 and other advanced applications leverage this ledger technology. In Blockchain, a distributed and public ledger, transactions in a network are recorded across many computers, decentralized, distributed, and decentralized.

That is why several industries worldwide use this technology to keep transactions safe, excluding fraud and maintaining more transparency. However, no technology is error-proof, and the same fundamental goes with Blockchain too. Flaws are there, and cloud computing can help overcome Blockchain challenges.

The truth is that both Cloud and Blockchain will be the talk of the future. As the entire globe embraces digitization, users can draw several benefits from cloud computing. One major benefit they must pay attention to is overcoming Blockchain challenges.

Below in this guide, we will discuss how cloud computing will help overcome Blockchain challenges. Let’s find out!

What is Blockchain?

Just assume that there is data available in the form of blocks and a chain network of blocks interconnected with each other. Such a strong digital infrastructure is challenging to hack or track. In technical terms, Blockchain blocks are information containers that store encrypted data. This technology is also called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) because of its record storage and digital assets tracking functionality.

Where is Blockchain Used?

One problem in this digital era is verifying the data’s legitimacy. It is because wrong data leads to havoc and misery all around society. Therefore, these are some of the industry segments leveraging Blockchain technology.

1. Finance

The leading example is cryptocurrency. However, nowadays banking sector is also using this advanced technology to keep global transactions safe. With Blockchain technology, account verification which earlier was a tedious process, has now become a smoother one with the technology. During international payment, there will be an accelerated system for quick transactions.

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2. Healthcare

The healthcare industry deals with the sensitive information of patients, and any breach of them leads to negative consequences. Data leakage and security concerns will not be an issue with Blockchain because there is a decentralized log of patient records that hackers cannot hack.

3. Supply Chain Management

Sometimes cancelled orders from the vendor’s side leave customers puzzled. Do you think what would be the issue in such delivery failure? The major cause is supply chain management! With the help of Blockchain technology, the connection between retailer and customer will be strong and error-free. Customers can easily make the transaction and track their order, knowing where their orders are located.

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What is meant by cloud computing?

IT resources are transforming, and businesses are using modern infrastructure like cloud computing to manage data and information. Several commercial organizations use this cloud computing model to keep their data safe and manage business operations smoothly. In this IT model, a network of computers and servers are interconnected with one network. So, accessing information becomes an easier process.

Cloud technologies that empower Blockchain technology

Public Cloud

The need of Blockchain is in several industry segments where IT operations are included. The Public cloud technology is based on the cloud infrastructure where computing resources are available for remote users also. It is only possible because on-demand computing resources are available to the public over the internet.

In this cloud model, application orchestration software like Kubernetes is used by many Blockchain companies. This managed Kubernetes model helps Blockchain developers as it lowers the Hardware maintenance and time-to-market.

Private Cloud

Hosting a private Cloud is a model where a cluster of servers is equipped with specialized Hypervisor solutions. If you are looking for a cloud hosting solutions from Blockchain apps at a nominal cost, we have cheap cloud hosting services. Nutanix and VMware are some of them building these software infrastructures. Such infrastructures automate the disaster and recovery backup and customize virtual networking.

As a result of their high availability, these solutions offer improved redundancy. Because the product is designed to run on a minimum of two hosts, fault tolerance is improved. If one of the underlying nodes goes down, the overall infrastructure remains functional. It means there are no single points of failure.

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What is the need for Blockchain Cloud?

As information technology and communication sectors are evolving, the way of storing and transmitting data has also changed. Cloud storage, in comparison to IoT (Internet of Things), offers flexible storage with the great potential to enhance efficiency. In Blockchain technology, there are several nodes continuously adding to the chain. So, the requirement for cloud computing power also increases.

By leveraging the cloud infrastructure in Blockchain technology, users are eliminating certain risks associated with the same. Let’s have a quick look over them:

Once data is uploaded to cloud servers, there will be restricted access to information, its processes and the coding.

Security and privacy concerns are major during data processing. Users who need to be made aware of internal operation mechanisms have to rely on trusted cloud providers for data processing every time. To avoid this, Blockchain in cloud computing is a must.

How Blockchain Cloud Works?

By hosting the Blockchain network as Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) in the Cloud, Blockchain-based cloud computing can be used for secure network management.

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IoT applications can be supported through Blockchain-enabled services, such as smart contracts, user transaction verification, and cloud Blockchain storage.

A robust disaster recovery option is a must for the Blockchain technology. Its integration with the cloud technology, safeguards Blockchain model from all data insecurity vulnerabilities and disasters. Even some advanced cloud infrastructure keeps DDos attacks at a bay.


In order to stay ahead of the challenges, you need a strong partnership with your Cloud provider and careful selection of your Blockchain partner.  MilesWeb with the managed cloud hosting services will give your Blockchain model a good ROI. Tap the potential of best cloud services with exemplary configurations. Here we will provide you SSD NVMe storage and a good size bandwidth.

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