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GoDaddy Alternatives: Perks of Choosing MilesWeb

Best Godaddy Alternative

Getting business online is the need of the hour. If you have a website and it’s not accessible to users, it becomes tough to brand or promote your service. At this very moment, web hosting comes into the picture.

But there are dozens of options to choose from, and finding the right GoDaddy alternative can be quite difficult. In India, there is a good competition between both. Thus, if you are also looking for a GoDaddy alternative in India , this guide to MilesWeb Vs. GoDaddy aims to make the decision super-easy for you.

We will evaluate both the web hosts in terms of Features, Pricing, Support and more. 

Keep reading till the end to know who’s the “Clear Winner”

Why MilesWeb Vs GoDaddy?

Before diving into the main facts, you might be wondering why we are comparing MilesWeb Vs Godaddy. This post is aimed at individuals or website owners who need a reliable host to launch a business online.

Starting with MilesWeb, we are an award-winning web host established in the year 2012. We are a decade-old web hosting company offering world-class web hosting solutions to customers globally. Be it pricing, support, performance, everything is incredible with MilesWeb. 

Godaddy is a bit confusing when it comes to pricing, features and terms. While they claim to offer some freebies or addons included with its plans, there are also some limitations.

We hear from some unhappy customers looking for a better Godaddy alternative, one that’s able to provide more resources and features, all at an affordable price.

Many are keen on knowing what makes MilesWeb so powerful and distinct. We are very excited to answer that here.

How MilesWeb Compares to GoDaddy in a Nutshell?

When comparing two different web hosts, it’s very crucial to focus on the services which are similar between MilesWeb and GoDaddy. So, before we go into detail about MilesWeb vs Godaddy, let’s first take a look at the key differences between both web hosts.


  • MilesWeb has six data centers across the globe including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India and Singapore.
  • At MilesWeb, we offer multilingual support 24×7 in English, Hindi and Marathi.
  • MilesWeb includes a free website builder with Shared, WordPress and Reseller hosting plans.
  • MilesWeb has a wide range of 70+ web hosting plans on the list.
  • Basic web hosting plan starts at just Rs.80/m.
  • For the security of websites, we offer an SSL certificate absolutely free with all our web hosting plans.


  • Godaddy has a total of nine data centers: Los Angeles, Chicago, Ashburn, Virginia, Amsterdam and Singapore, Phoenix, Arizona and Scottsdale.
  • Godaddy offers support in English via live chat and phone. They do not offer email support.
  • Godaddy does not include a free website builder with its web hosting plans.
  • Godaddy offers 41 web hosting plans in all.
  • Basic web hosting plan starts at Rs.119/m.
  • Godaddy does offer an SSL certificate with its web hosting plans.

Here’s the Winner!

Going through all the features, MilesWeb is the winner here. As we can clearly see by differentiating that there are some points where GoDaddy lacks behind, like the wide range of web hosting plans, lack of email support, unlimited website hosting, no data center in India and more. 

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Level up Your Security with MilesWeb

At MilesWeb, we understand that protecting your website is highly important. That’s why we make security the highest priority. We aim to act quickly and efficiently, making sure you always stay in the know.

Here are some of the key security measures that we take are:

  • For the security of your website, we include a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Malware Scan and Removal Tool
  • Server monitoring 24×7
  • CDN
  • Cloudflare Integration

There are more security features we include with our hosting plans. We make sure your website does not become the victim of any breaches or hackers.

Support That’s Amazing & Matters a Lot!

Support is one of the most crucial aspects of web hosting. When you need help, it’s best to get into the right hands. MilesWeb cares a lot about your website, like the way you care about your business.

We offer award-winning customer support 24×7. It doesn’t matter if you have a small website running, or a big company website, you’re always treated as a first priority. Because, we are a customer-focused company, and that’s all! Our team gives 100% dedication to resolving any of your issues.

If you have any issues with your website even at odd times of the day, you can reach out to our expert crew who are up for help 24×7. The best part is, for added convenience, we offer multilingual support in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Speaking about Godaddy’s Support. We don’t have anything against their support.

If you search for their reviews online, you will see that GoDaddy’s customer support is slow, and unresponsive at times. Compared to MilesWeb, their Trustpilot score is low.

So, watch out, “ There is a Difference”

How Can We Miss Out on Pricing?

We have talked about literally everything that differs between MilesWeb and Godaddy. But how can we miss the financial side? To help you get a clear idea about pricing, keep reading below.


Since the very beginning, MilesWeb has focused on offering competitive web hosting solutions. We bet you will not find such affordable prices anywhere else. Our web hosting plans start at just Rs.80/m. That means, if you want to launch your website online with little investment, MilesWeb is the right choice to make. 


Whereas GoDaddy, known for helping everyday entrepreneurs go online, is a bit pricey. They have a web hosting plan starting at Rs.119/m. Like, there isn’t much difference but, still, even a slight difference really counts a lot.

Features Comparison Summary

Here’s a short comparison of MilesWeb and Godaddy.

PricingPlans start at Rs. 80/moPlans start at Rs.119 /mo
Free SSL Certificates    All plansOn High-tier plans
Data Centers MilesWeb has Indian data center Godaddy doesn’t have data center in India 
Renewal Price It is a cheaper alternative to GoDaddy because of its sign-up cost.You have to pay higher renewal fees
Multilingual Support 24×7   English, Hindi and Marathi Only in English
Wide Range of Web Hosting Plans     70+ Web Hosting Plans 41 + Web Hosting Plans 
Free Website Builder With all shared hosting plans  Does not offer website builder with shared hosting plans
Free Domain for 1 Year  Free Domain On High-tier plans Free Domain on High-tier plans

Extra Fees & Renewal Costs

MilesWeb literally works at saving on your budget! The renewal prices of web hosting plans are the same as the sign-up price.

Unlike with GoDaddy, you have to pay higher renewal fees.

At Last!

Here, we come to the review section of MilesWeb Vs Godaddy blog. Thousands of happy customers have rated us excellent on the best review platforms. And we are super proud of it! Kudos to us.

Take a quick look at the below table to check the ratings. 

HostAdvice                            4.5/5               1.5/5

MilesWeb Vs GoDaddy: The Clear Winner

MilesWeb and GoDaddy are both top-ranking web hosts in the industry, with some overlap in the pricing, features and performance.

But, let me tell you, at first glance, you must have got the hint, who’s the clear winner! Be its affordable pricing, industry-leading features and best-in-class support, MilesWeb is one of the best GoDaddy Alternatives stays at the first position in all the scenarios.

If you are looking to get the hosting alternative to GoDaddy, MilesWeb can guide you throughout your online journey and make sure your hosting experience is truly amazing!

Sign-up today for MilesWeb web hosting plans and launch your dream website online today.

Why Look for GoDaddy Alternatives?

GoDaddy is one of the popular web hosting service providers offering several web hosting and domain registration services. They serve services to clients worldwide.

But, looking for the best hosting options is always a good choice. If you are finding GoDaddy expensive or not meeting your web hosting requirements, look for best GoDaddy alternatives. 

Many other companies offer better service at a lower price than GoDaddy.

As a business owner, you should always look at all your options. If a GoDaddy alternative is cheaper and better in terms of features, then you should make an informed decision

Some socially responsible buyers avoid GoDaddy due to ethical issues and choose other companies instead.

With that said, it’s worth examining some of the top GoDaddy alternatives and what they excel at.

Best GoDaddy Alternatives to Consider

Here are some of the best GoDaddy alternatives that you can consider to meet your web hosting needs.


MilesWeb is the leading Indian web hosting service provider. It is one of the best GoDaddy alternatives in India. In 2012, the company was founded to fulfill the business web hosting needs. We have hosted over 1 million domains with and have a talented workforce to manage server resources. 

Our range of services include shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and many more. Besides, cheap domain registration services, SSL certification services are some of the major services that help website owners.

Why MilesWeb?

  • SSD NVMe storage: Disk space for blazing fast websites. 
  • 99.95% Uptime: Minimal latency rate of websites.
  • Indian Data Center: Host websites from Indian data center. 
  • 24×7 Support: Round-the-clock assistance from in-house techies.


If you’re searching for an affordable alternative to GoDaddy web hosting, Bluehost might be just what you need.

They offer hosting plans that are specifically optimized for WordPress, the premier website building platform. Plus, it’s worth noting that Bluehost is officially endorsed by WordPress as a recommended hosting provider. As a recommended hosting provider by, it ensures a seamless WordPress experience at 60% Off.

Why BlueHost?

  • Optimized WordPress Hosting Streamlined management of WP sites.
  • Free domain on web hosting plans.
  • Round-the-clock expert assistance.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions stands as a notable alternative to GoDaddy, especially when it comes to domain registration, SSL certificates, and web hosting. 

They provide registration for a diverse range of domain extensions, encompassing popular ones like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, as well as many other specialized TLDs.

Beyond just domain registration, Network Solutions extends a plethora of services, including web hosting, a website builder, tools for website security, SEO services, and much more.

Why Network Solutions?

  • Speed up your domain search with improved suggestions.
  • A comprehensive platform for web hosting, security, SEO, and more.
  • Cost-effective SSL certificates.


DreamHost stands out as one of the longest-running and most trustworthy hosting providers, making it an excellent option for those considering alternatives to GoDaddy’s shared hosting.

With DreamHost, you benefit from sturdy hosting on speedy servers, inclusive of a free domain name and SSL certificate. This cuts down your website expenses and streamlines management by consolidating everything in one place.

Compared to GoDaddy, DreamHost offers a more user-friendly control panel, equipping you with a variety of tools for website management.

Why DreamHost?

  • Affordable domain registration and SSL certificate.
  • Intuitive and streamlined dashboard.
  • Perfect for both beginners and expanding businesses.
  • One-click WordPress integration for hassle-free website setup. serves as an excellent alternative to GoDaddy when it comes to domain registration or procuring SSL certificates. They rank among the top domain registrars, providing access to a wide range of top-level domain extensions.

Their efficient domain name generator tool can assist you in identifying the ideal domain for your enterprise. Input your desired keywords or phrases, and the tool will produce a curated list of potential matches.


  • Simplified domain handling.
  • Attractive rates for domain registration and renewal.
  • Quick domain searches with superior recommendations.
  • Flexibility to direct your domain to any hosting service.

The reach of our technical support crew can match only the vastness of deep space.

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