Hosting a Website in India or Abroad: What is Better?

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Updated onApril 27, 2018

Not happy with your web hosting service provider?

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When choosing a provider to host a website, a common question comes up about what is best: hosting a website in India or abroad?

It is always important to remember that each site exists in some physical location in the world. It can be a personal computer turned into a server (which is not very recommended), or a professional server. In either case, it is running somewhere physically, making those files public.

But what is the difference between hosting websites in India or abroad?

In fact, the main difference between a website hosted on servers in the country or out of it is latency. Latency means the response time between the user of the site requesting an action (such as clicking on a product or accessing the shopping cart, for example) and the website performing the action it requested, or between the sites displaying something necessary to the user.

If we think of the internet as a large web, where servers are interconnected, the further the server is, the longer the return time will be. In summary: sites and systems hosted on servers in other countries have a higher latency. A site hosted in India, for example, will have a latency of 20 milliseconds if accessed from virtually any state in the country and in some South American countries.

A page hosted in the United States or Europe will have a higher latency, starting at 180 Milliseconds. It’s a big difference, which will affect the loading speed and navigation of the website.

Still, in the matter of latency, an important point needs to be considered: The loading speed of your page directly interferes with your search engine optimization. The longer your site takes to load, the less likely it is to be ranked. Search engines, like Google, prioritize pages that have faster loading (as we’ve talked about here).

The speed of response is one of the only technical differences between having your website hosted in India or abroad. Other than that, there are other important issues to think about.

Reasons to Hire Website Hosting in India


Support should be an important factor to consider when searching for a hosting. If by any chance, something happens to your server, you will want to immediately contact the support of your hosting. In international hosting, a barrier that you may come across is the language. If the support is not 24×7, you should also know what the time zone is, as you run the risk of having to wait a few precious hours to be attended to.

Maintenance Time

Every hosting system needs a maintenance window. It is an essential period for the service to continue to be provided with quality. Usually, this maintenance is done in the middle of the night, when the visits are smaller so that the slow (or possibly down) does not impact your business. In India, you do not have to worry about that, but if your hosting is overseas, be careful with the time zone, so you do not run the risk of getting your page slow at times of many visits.


Where do the users of your site come from? Is your website focused on reaching customers in India or abroad? This is an important decision factor. If your focus is the Indian public, it does not make sense to hire a hosting solution out of the country and make it difficult to load pages.

Payment and Values

The forms of payment for your hosting are also subject to changes according to where you decide to carry out the hiring. For overseas services, you will need to have an international credit card and you might also need to pay extra taxes on credit card payment. Historically hosting a website outside of the country was worth quite financially, especially for those who needed to host several sites. Today, with taxation and the rise of the dollar, cost-benefit is no longer a decisive factor.

Legal Protection

When hiring a hosting company you need to rely on the service provided. Some companies may not comply with all that they establish under contracts, such as backup of information and availability. Hiring national servers, in the case of this type of unforeseen, it is much more feasible to file a lawsuit.

Thus, there are different aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing to host a website in India or abroad. Pay attention to these points to avoid unwanted surprises later.

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