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How Does Your Business Website Benefit From Managed Web Hosting?

Choosing an appropriate hosting service is critical while creating a business or an ecommerce website. When it comes to developing or established enterprises; hosting requirements may change over time. Apart from other services, managed hosting services offer a wide choice of management options, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing hosting administration to a reputable managed hosting provider.

You’ve probably heard of managed hosting services, which are one of several options. Managed dedicated hosting entails that the hosting firm is in charge of the entire server and application management. Let’s have a deeper look at it:

What Is Managed Hosting?

what is managed hosting

So, what does it mean to have a completely managed hosting service? 

During your investigation of finding a good hosting service, you’ve most likely come across the term “managed hosting” or you might have seen it advertised on hosting provider websites. We’ll look into the true benefits of managed hosting services and if they can aid businesses to grow.

To define managed hosting in short – It takes away the burden of server maintenance and allows you to focus on your business growth. That sounds favorable, right?

Managed hosting entails that your hosting provider handles all server-related concerns right from the basics or complexities. You pay the host not just for the hardware but also for its management. Just like when you buy a new vehicle, it’s obvious to opt for a complete warranty and maintenance. Similarly, when you buy web hosting, you must opt for managed hosting services. 

You just rent the server from the hosting provider and are completely responsible for all servicing and maintenance chores under unmanaged hosting. There is a middle ground, commonly referred to as self-managed hosting, where some basic server maintenance is offered depending on the type of your hosting agreement, but you have to take care of the day-to-day management of servers, including dealing with issues and difficulties. When you opt for unmanaged hosting, you need to understand that you will have to invest a substantial amount of time in managing the server.

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Why Is Managed Hosting Good For You?

why is managed hosting good for you

The most important way managed hosting services help a firm enhance its profit margin is by lowering costs. A majority of these services allow organizations to significantly reduce the cost of operating their IT infrastructure on a day-to-day basis. In addition, managed hosting services boost profitability by expanding client reach and providing superior security and disaster recovery protection.

To be productive in today’s highly competitive market, you must devote 100% of your attention to your company goals rather than investing time in managing your hosting server.

This is mostly true for your online presence because a dependable and trustworthy hosting provider can relieve you of all hosting concerns, including software and hardware setup and configuration, technical assistance, downtime difficulties, traffic surges, and data loss.

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How Does Managed Hosting Work?

how does managed hosting work

According to many business owners, managed hosting is the most ideal hosting platform. A team of professionals constantly monitors your website. Their goal is to keep your website optimized, backed up, and secure at all times.

Managed hosting is a mix of technology and customer service. It’s handing over control of your website and the software that operates your company to a third-party vendor. That third-party provider is in charge of the administration, maintenance, and support of your website’s infrastructure, which is hosted in the provider’s data center. The organization has a well-trained staff of specialists who will look after your website.

A hosting company assists you in performing critical IT chores that you either cannot or do not have time to execute. Managed hosting takes away the expenses you will have to incur and the personnel you will need for managing the hosting server. When you opt for managed hosting, you are assured that all the important tasks are taken care of by the web hosting company and this takes away a huge burden from you.

You can choose from a host of web hosting options. At MilesWeb, you will find cheap web hosting plans suitable for your business needs and you get an SSL certificate for free that ensures that your website is safe. 

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Benefits Of Managed Hosting Services



Every business has unique requirements and excellently managed hosting solutions go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to accommodate those needs. You can receive a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. This is advantageous because, based on your company goals and budget; you may negotiate with your provider to select the service that best meets your needs and prioritize the most important services to you.

Reduction In Operating Costs

reduction in operating costs

Unmanaged hosting services do come with a lot of hidden expenses. You’ll need to recruit database administrators, system administrators, and other personnel to manage your servers. Using a managed service provider, on the other hand, avoids these extra fees. If you employ a reliable hosting company, you may save money and invest in client interactions.

Full-Root Access 

fullr root access

Although full-root access is available with self-managed VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers, if you are not technically smart and want to focus on the marketing element of your business, you will need to employ an external server manager to handle the server needs. However, all of this is taken care of by a team of specialists using Managed Hosting services.

Nonetheless, you may wish to examine how your server resources are allocated or the processes/software installed at some point. In this instance, full-root access allows you to monitor your server at any time.

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Managed Storage

managed storage

A company’s storage requirements can and will fluctuate over time. An organization’s current space requirements may differ from what they require in a few years or even months. To re-establish the ideal balance, you’ll need certain technical abilities as well as a long-term commitment and availability to pay attention to it.

Outsourcing a company’s storage needs to a managed services provider is known as managed storage. This is advantageous to the organization since it lowers purchasing and administering storage services.

Faster Loading Times

faster loading times

People prefer websites that load quickly. Google thinks so, too. Because website performance, or website speed, is a ranking element, your company should concentrate on providing clients with the fastest desktop and mobile-friendly experience possible. If you don’t provide your users with the finest experience, they’ll likely go to your competitors. Furthermore, Google will give your competitors’ web pages a higher ranking than your own.

Aesthetic website design, innovative functionality, and more information on websites are all priorities for many business owners. A quick website provides a better user experience, and a better user experience equals more conversions. On the other hand, visitors appear to be more concerned with loading times.

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Enhanced Security Assistance

enhanced security assistance

Managed hosting services are well-equipped with various technologies and can handle server security concerns, stop hacking attempts, and protect against cyber threats. They execute virus scans on the operating system regularly and conduct security audits. This helps them identify security holes that may be fixed to prevent the server from being attacked. They set up suitable security methods to protect your website from malware and phishing attacks, ensuring that your website’s security is not compromised.

In unmanaged server hosting, however, you will be responsible for security upgrades with the most recent patches, installing security software such as firewalls, and installing malware detection tools, among other things, depending on your security needs.

Website Migration 

website migration

If your business has expanded and traffic has increased, yet your website is unexpectedly slow to load, it’s time to move web hosts or risk losing valuable consumers. At that point, Managed Hosting services can help you with website migration, server, and application setup (including server, DNS, email, and FTP client configuration), database optimization, server performance analysis, and more. At the same time, you concentrate on operating your business smoothly.

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How Much Should Managed Hosting Services Cost You?

If you look around long enough, you’ll see that managed hosting is accessible at various pricing points. The lowest pricing is frequently the consequence of the host’s cost-cutting to maximize earnings. 

When you opt for managed web hosting with MilesWeb, you get the best features and robust web hosting servers. One of the best things about hosting with MilesWeb is that they provide the most useful security features free of cost. The basic shared hosting plan at MilesWeb is priced at ₹60 per month and this plan provides features like unlimited bandwidth, free website builder, and free SSL certificate. If you are looking for hosting plans with more features and resources, you can opt for their VPS hosting starting from ₹630 per month or dedicated servers starting from ₹6999 per month. If you choose to opt for a dedicated server at MilesWeb, you can opt for a free trial first before you pay for the server. This makes web hosting at MilesWeb a complete value for money.

Customers with fully managed support may reach out to support engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’ve ever worked for a hosting company, you’ll know that it’s a fast-paced atmosphere with a continuous stream of support requests.

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It’s a clear deal!

Unmanaged hosting offers more control over your server while managed hosting provides an easier experience along with a higher level of support. While it is true that managed web hosting costs slightly higher than unmanaged web hosting but it has its perks as well. The online presence of your website matters! When you invest in managed hosting, you invest in a better online presence and a secured website! Choose wisely.

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