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How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting?

Choose the Best Podcast Hosting

With the introduction of the internet, people have started to produce and consume different forms of content. Popular websites like YouTube and TikTok have become famous for producing and consuming content. Generally, these contents are in the form of videos that may be informative, comedy skits, or even new.

Still, there is a new trend that is emerging and is coming into the limelight. That is known as podcasts. It is digital content that can be in the form of video as well as audio. Podcasts are something that is made available throughout the internet for being downloaded.

One of its advantages is that podcasts are generally informative videos where a group of people discusses or debate a certain topic, which is equally informative in audio and video format. If you are planning to host a podcast, consider choosing a MilesWeb’s hosting for podcasts.   

What is Podcast Hosting?

Let’s say that you are intrigued by the fact that, unlike other forms of content, podcasts are equally informative and interesting in audio and video forms. If you are planning to start a YouTube channel for posting podcast-related content, there is one thing that you must know before moving forward. It is about podcasting hosting.

Do you know what podcast hosting is? If not, then let me educate you that just like content creators need a website host for storing pictures or any content in written format. Similarly, podcast hosting is essential for storing media files as it is designed to hold large-sized media files that can be later downloaded and distributed.

Why do I need Podcast Hosting?

Normally when someone records a podcast, he will need to store it somewhere, after which you will share it among your audience. Most people create their website hosts for storing these large-sized audio and video files, which is a very bad decision. The reason is that, in most cases, self-made website hosts are not capable enough of storing large-sized media files due to their low bandwidth and storage capabilities. Due to this, many problems could occur, such as slow loading time and page crashes.

This is why one must switch their attention towards online podcast hosting platforms, as they are designed to store large-sized media files. You will get ample storage to fulfill your needs, and you can also store the files for as long as you want. Apart from all these features, there are many other features that podcast hosting platforms provide. One thing to note is that many podcast hosting platforms help the creators distribute their podcasts, which will help them find new audiences.

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Features To Consider Before Choosing a Podcast Hosting

There are many online podcast hosting platforms that one might get confused about. One thing you should remember is that podcast hosting may be basic, but it is also the most important thing that someone who makes podcasts must focus on.

Usually, there are many advantages that a podcast hosting platform provides in place of a self-made hosting website. The most important features a podcast hosting platform provides are high storage with good bandwidth, great compatibility, and many more, which we will discuss briefly in the later stages of the article.

1. Storage and Bandwidth Limits

While listing out the most important feature while researching a hosting platform, storage and bandwidth limits must be at the top of your priority list. Storage and bandwidth limits are the two aspects of a hosting platform that can greatly affect you and your program.

Starting from affecting the limit of content you can store at a time to the amount of old content accessible to your audience, along with the number of people that can either download or listen to your podcast at a particular time. But the thing that can greatly affect the creator would be the number of podcasts that he/she can release in a week.

The storage capabilities of a hosting platform would determine the number of files or the size of the file you can host. If you are ambitious about your content, then you should consider the future of your program and choose a hosting platform that would suffice your requirements in the present and future.

Bandwidth can affect the amount of content you can either upload or download, which means that it will affect the audience that can watch or listen to it at a particular time.

2. Compatibility

You should note that website is not an essential thing for your podcast. Even though it is not essential, it is a very efficient way of promoting your show and engaging with your audience. Opting for a podcast hosting platform that can easily integrate with your website is always suggested. This will prove to be a lifesaver as it will save you from many problems along with helping you to progress with your podcast.

Many hosting platforms offer the facility to provide their customers with a customized website according to their demands. If your hosting platform cannot provide a personalized website, ensure that it can integrate your domain with the RSS feed. End of the day, you need to find a website compatible with your hosting platform.

3. Media Player Capabilities

All podcast host platforms provide a media player as the basic feature. This is very important as it lets your audience stream it online. Generally, you will get an embedded code that you need to paste at the backend section of your podcast’s website. After doing so, the media player will finally appear for the audience with which they can stream your podcast.

One thing that you must pay a lot of attention to is the looks as well as the functions of the media player that your hosting podcast provides. Looks are very important as good-looking and pleasing media players would please and attract more audience. You need to make sure that the website has the facility of sharing your podcasts to other platforms. This will surely increase the chances of growing your audience.

4. Analytics Reporting

Analytics is a very powerful tool that has the potential to change the situation of your business. Generally, it helps in understanding you’re audience much more easily. For example, the advertisement and media industries have been using analytics insights for decision-making related to budgets and their general programs.

Even if you are someone who does not like to play with numbers, you need to know the analytic insights of your podcasts as it will be very helpful in the decision-making, which will help your career in the long term. This information will also reveal the platform where most of your audience visits and stream your podcasts. One thing is that you must ensure that the analytic report that is provided by your hosting platform is IAB certified.

5. Transcription Services

While researching the best hosting platforms, you must also check whether these platforms are providing transcription services or not. You might not realize it, but having a word-to-word podcast transcription in your hand might be very beneficial. You must research it as if they provide you with this facility. Then you don’t have to search for it separately.

If you can provide the written transcripts of your podcast on your website, it will attract people with hearing impairments. For example, a deaf person would not be able to follow on with your podcast, due to which he needs to read the transcripts and understand them. End of the day, it will increase your audience.

If you have podcast transcripts, you can use them for many other purposes, such as in a blog post. This will finally increase your potential SEO content and traffic to your website.

6. Ease of Use & Support

Your podcast hosting platform might provide plenty of features, but if it is not easy to understand, there is no use. This is one of the reasons why one should do a lot of research before choosing a hosting platform. Almost every hosting platform will provide you with a dashboard. If you can properly learn to use it, then you will manage your podcasts as well as all the media files in a better way.

If you are facing difficulty understanding and using the platform, you should search for screenshots or YouTube videos where the creator will guide you through the steps to use the platform more efficiently. Once you get familiar with the platform, you will notice how easy to use it is. If you are not tech-savvy, you should go for a hosting platform that provides additional technical support to its creators.

7. Possibility for Monetization

Most people who have opted to make podcasts are passionate about making it; the rest are just doing it to make money. Even if you are passionate about making podcasts, thinking about your future and trying to make money won’t make you a bad person. Indeed, podcast monetization is not a fairly new thing in the market, and podcast hosting platforms are still figuring out the best ways of monetizing your podcasts.

While researching a podcast hosting platform, you need to search for a hosting platform that provides educational resources and premium subscriptions. The best hosting platforms which use cutting-edge technology will allow you to manage the premium subscriptions for your podcasts. You should also go through different articles, try to gain sponsors, or cross-promote other businesses. You should always try to find different ways of promoting your podcast along with finding sources through which you can make money.

8. Budget

If we are talking about podcast hosting platforms, then it is always advised that podcasters must opt for premium memberships or subscriptions. If you are someone with a low budget, you should pick a platform accordingly, even if you must compromise on some features. Even if you don’t have a hefty budget, that does not mean you won’t be successful.

Rather, you need to be very careful during your research. When you gain popularity, you can invest more money on better hosting platforms, which will make future proof your career. The costs of a hosting platform majorly depend on the storage and bandwidth, so you must know your needs to work on a low budget.

Do I Need a Website for Hosting a Podcast? 

Well, having a website is not mandatory, but it is recommended to have a website and a hosting platform. This is because the website will be the home to your podcast throughout the internet. This means that it will help you to promote your podcast hence increasing the audience base of your podcast. If you plan to own a website, make sure to have a media player through which the audience can stream your podcasts online. If you don’t use this facility, having a website won’t be worth it.

What Makes A Great Podcast Hosting Provider?

Many things make a good podcast hosting provider. Some of them might be the service they provide or its additional features. But the main thing that makes a good podcast hosting provider is its storage and bandwidth. Storage and bandwidth are the features that most affect your podcast, so it needs to be top-notch.

A great podcast hosting provider must also have the system’s ease of use. There is no meaning in providing many features if no one can use them. Apart from these features, these hosting podcast providers should also take care of the basic but essential needs, such as word-to-word transcription services for your podcast and analytical reports. One thing you should note is that analytics is a very useful and essential tool for the future of your podcasting career.


If you are very passionate about making podcasts and very future-oriented, then choosing the best podcast hosting might be the first thing that comes to your mind. Podcasting is a fairly old profession in which podcast hosting platforms try their best to monetize the podcasts.

But if you want to take the initiative into your hands, you can find sponsorship deals or cross-promote different businesses to earn money and promote your podcast. Platforms like YouTube have seen much growth in podcasters providing much information. In our understanding, a podcast is a trend that is not going anytime soon and has a lot of growth potential.

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