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Reasons for choosing managed web hosting for your website

managed web hosting benefits

Most people seeking for a hosting solution comes across the term “Managed Web Hosting”, but don’t exactly know what it is exactly. Well, this is a type of hosting service that goes beyond what’s normally the hosting companies offer. As the name implies, the service is kept under management, i.e., monitored 24/7.

Why would someone search for managed web hosting service?

Most large hosting companies offer managed web hosting services. Each company has a type of plan and consequent price.

The main reasons a company or person seeking such services are: security, stability, performance, comfort, and assistance.

A managed web hosting provider should offer at least all the points presented above. All basic services are somehow interconnected, there is no guarantee that one is delivered without the other is still working. Let’s start with the basics.


In the case of current sites, security is no longer a differentiator. Most of the servers on which the sites are hosted are managed virtually but certain rules must be followed. Especially if they are in a kind of famous shared hosting environment.

Normally the site to receive the hosting should be reliable when it comes to WordPress, the theme, and all the plugins should not contain security holes. Imagine how inconvenient it would be for your site to be off the air by the fault of another website?

Many companies offer additional services and upgrades to all sites remain on an equal footing in security the issue. And then again, they should offer it, because, without security, other services won’t be of any use.

Most hosting companies use digital security certification Let’s Encrypt to offer the HTTPS protocol to their customers. This security certificate is very reliable and you can opt for paid or free version, to make life easier for the website visitors from the point of view of security and reliability.


Perhaps this is the main point for choosing the company and type of hosting. No one hires a hosting service that makes the site invariably fall from time to time. Anyway, the hosting management company uses several tools to keep the website under “surveillance”. If there is a possible problem in view, it is solved even before the site “fall”.

The most common problems that “drop” a website are:

  • Multiple hits: When the site is not prepared to receive so many users,
  • Security: Browser identifies that the site content is insecure and just barring the same,
  • Fatal error in the code: If the code has an error that is not recognized by the site server and unable to process;
  • Connection error: When the request cannot access the database.

These are the most common problems that a conventional hosting may have managed to monitor for this and other problems do not happen. If anything happens, the company itself solves and shares the issue happened with a service user.


Since the hosting is managed, why not show the speed bottlenecks? Through a good hosting, most of the performance problems can be solved.

The main villains of performance in a hosting are:

  • HD limitations, memory, and processor;
  • Programming not optimized;
  • Greater number of requests than expected;
  • Weighted images;
  • Cache disabled;
  • Do not use CDN.

Bearing these problems in mind, certainly, your hosting service will help you to improve the performance and consequently on improving your ranking in Google.

Comfort and assistance

Even if not many managed web hosting companies that offer such a complete service that is exactly what most customers seek.

A company that has a hosting service focused on convenience and assistance must offer a minimum of tranquility to customers. Update the theme and the plugins on a website and track whether new facilities will influence the stability of hosting is the least to do.

If the customer really wants a new implementation or change in site, the company must be ready to serve you. Is following the process of change or providing support and maintenance services that meet the client in the same place.

I hope the write-up will help you to choose a managed web hosting company that fit in your hosting requirement.

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