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Quantity Vs. Quality : Is Dedicated Hosting Important For Single Websites?

Dedicated server hosting is considered to be an exclusive and luxurious form of hosting; overshadowing the other web hosting counterparts like shared hosting, VPS hosting and reseller hosting. Many web hosting users have outgrown the web hosting platforms like shared hosting, VPS hosting etc., resulting in inevitable switch to the dedicated server. The main reason behind this is that their websites need something more than what is offered by the traditional web hosting platforms.

While hosting many popular websites necessitates the use of a dedicated server, the question is – is dedicated server hosting required for single websites as well?

As mentioned above, one of the predominant reasons for switching to the dedicated server platform is because there is a high level of incoming traffic that creates the need for more hosting resources. A website having high volume of incoming traffic will demand more memory, bandwidth and CPU. This goes on to say that whether you are operating a single website or 100 websites, the need for a dedicated server cannot be ignored, irrelevant of the size of the website.

As the resource requirement increases, the software needs also grow and a dedicated server hosting platform usually provides with more hardware as compared to the other hosting platforms. It is important to analyze what your website needs and what resources are offered by the individual server. Make an informed decision instead of tying down yourself with a hosting server that does not meet your website requirements.

Apart from managing the increased website traffic, another reason to opt for a dedicated server is your faith in your website. Yes you heard it right! By selecting a shared server, you might be locking your website in a space where there is little room for growth. The time requires you to foresee the future growth of your website and opt for a dedicated server at the right time. Think about it – when the traffic of your website starts increasing, you will have the hosting space to accommodate it. Doing this is much easier than migrating your website at a later point of time.

Ultimately, the level of traffic and resources stands above the number of websites you have. A dedicated server hosting package is the best solution you can get and even though it is an expensive option, it is completely worth the money you invest in it.

The best thing you can buy for your website is the speed and resources and this can be done with one dedicated server hosting package. There is no need for you to share the server with any other websites, thereby protecting your website from any outside interference.

If your website is already capable of pulling a large number of visitors, then utilizing the dedicated server solution is a great choice. A dedicated server hosting solution is also a great platform for a website with high ambitions and for a website that invests in the future.

In the case of single websites, if your sole website brings in 1 million customers, the needs of your website match with the same requirements as 10 websites having 100,000 visitors each.

Therefore, irrespective of the quantity of websites, you need to ensure the quality of the hosting server!

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2 thoughts on “Quantity Vs. Quality : Is Dedicated Hosting Important For Single Websites?

  • March 26, 2014 at 11:23 am

    very nice information about web Hosting.

  • July 31, 2018 at 6:56 am

    I am using VPS service and looking to upgrade plan but I am confused between Cloud and Dedicated. Can you help to know the best?


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