What is Linux VPS Hosting?

Updated onJune 10, 2022

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Linux VPS hosting
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You must have come across multiple hosting types like shared, Linux VPS hosting, cloud, dedicated, WordPress, and so on. In layman’s terms, these hosting types help you make space for your website on the server. The basic web hosting type is shared hosting, which is the most used because of its affordable plans. If you are currently using a shared hosting plan and your website has traffic outgrowing the resources, you certainly need to upgrade the hosting type. 

VPS hosting is the best option instead of dedicated hosting for various reasons. Dedicated hosting may offer a lot of resource availability but are considerably expensive in that case. If you are tight on budget and looking for a hosting plan upgrade from shared to another, VPS is the one. 

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Before selecting a VPS plan, you must comprehend which VPS hosting type to consider. VPS hosting basically comes for Linux and Windows OS. You can go for managed VPS hosting or unmanaged VPS hosting as per your expertise in handling the server.

Seeing the gist of Windows VPS hosting, websites hosted on VPS servers that use Windows operating systems are referred to as Windows VPS hosting. Windows hosting is well-known for its robust end-to-end management, scalability, and reliability features, and it is also known for connecting businesses to the internet. If you intend to use specific Microsoft applications such as Active Server Pages (ASP) and develop your website with Microsoft FrontPage, Windows hosting is the service to choose. In terms of databases, MS SQL is compatible with any hosting environment.

Windows Hosting, also known as Windows Server Hosting, is simply a Web Server that runs the Windows operating system and is shared by multiple websites with multiple owners, making it affordable for anyone to begin hosting.

Getting on point to managed and unmanaged Linux VPS hosting, let us start with what Linux VPS hosting is?

What is Linux VPS?

A Linux VPS is a virtual private server optimized for maximum performance on the Linux operating system. The key benefit of a Linux VPS server is that it runs on an isolated operating system that allows you to customize the server to meet your specific demands. Even though Linux VPS is more suitable for high-traffic websites, it is a cost-effective hosting alternative for bloggers. 

What is Linux VPS Hosting?

Linux VPS hosting is the process of hosting your website on Linux-based virtual private servers. VPS hosting lowers running expenses by sharing a server with other websites, making it ideal for everyone.

Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting

  • Security: 

The Linux operating system has a matchless level of security. Malware and viruses have historically had difficulty breaking through Linux built-in defenses. As an open-source operating system, everyone in the Linux community can view the source code, find and repair faults and vulnerabilities, and ensure the highest level of security.

  • High Performance:

When it comes to performance, Linux outperforms other operating systems. It is simple to support numerous users on the same server. It has more processing power and capacity, which means websites load faster, user engagement improves, and any processes you run on your server run faster as well, having less impact on other server operations.

  • Cost-effectiveness: 

Because Linux is an open-source and free operating system, there are no monthly license fees like with Windows. The virtual server implies that pricing is adapted to the individual requirements.

  • Privacy: 

Unlike Windows, Linux OS collects very minimal data on its users. A user controls information or applications that are stored on the server because of Linux flexibility.

  • Dedicated Resource: 

Your virtual server gives you the option of having more RAM, disc space, and CPU. Dedicated resources allow for more traffic to be accommodated as well as the use of more apps.

  • Direct Root Access: 

A VPS gives you complete control and access to your servers. You can effortlessly configure your server and manage any application installation from your control panel.

  • Dedicated support: 

Having a VPS ensures that you have access to round-the-clock technical help for any issues or obstacles you may have.

  • Multiple Domain Hosting: 

While shared hosting allows for this feature, it does come with some limits. These limits, like performance concerns, are removed with VPS, and you can rest assured that your websites will work at their best.

 Managed Linux VPS Hosting

With managed Linux VPS, you may adopt a more hands-off approach. Your web hosting service provider takes care of the technical stuff while you utilize it. If you aren’t tech-savvy or do not have a crew to handle your server regularly, you can go with managed Linux hosting. Managed VPS allows you to concentrate on building your business rather than worrying about the server’s core. You can focus on what’s important when things like maintenance, troubleshooting, or software installation come up. 

Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting

You are solely responsible for everything with unmanaged Linux VPS hosting. An unmanaged vps plan may be an alternative for you if you’re tech-savvy or have a sizable IT department.

Is Linux VPS Hosting Suitable for all Users?

Yes! Even if you only have a personal blog dedicated to your hobbies, a Linux VPS hosting plan would undoubtedly benefit you. You would also profit if you were designing and developing a website for a business. In general, a Linux VPS is for you if you expect your website to expand and receive a lot of traffic.

Individuals and businesses who want greater customization and development choices should choose a Linux VPS, especially if they need exceptional speed and service without paying for a dedicated server, which could take up a significant portion of the website’s operational expenditures.

Can I still utilize a Linux VPS if I don’t know how to operate Linux?

Yes, of course! If you obtain a fully managed Linux VPS, your provider will manage the server and will most likely install and set up everything you wish to run on it. 

What is the difference between a Linux VPS and a dedicated server?

The actual server is partitioned into numerous virtual servers, allowing the cost and overhead expenses to be shared among the virtual partitions’ users. This is why a Linux VPS is less expensive than a dedicated server, which is dedicated to only one user as the name implies. 

Apart from being more cost-effective than dedicated servers, Linux virtual private servers are frequently run on host computers that are more powerful than dedicated servers, resulting in higher performance and capacity.

Is it possible to switch from a shared hosting environment to a Linux VPS?

If you are using a Linux shared hosting plan switching to a Linux VPS is simple. One alternative is to handle it yourself, although the migration procedure can be challenging and is not suggested for novices. Your best option is to find a host that offers free website migrations and let them do it for you. You can even switch from a shared hosting account with a control panel to a Linux VPS account without one.

Finally, investing in a Linux-based Virtual Private Server is one of the best moves you can make to help your company thrive!

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