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Web Hosting on Linux Because of its Stability and Reliability

How is a fee for web hosting solution based on Linux estimated?

Linux solutions have one of the largest markets worldwide. They are becoming increasingly popular among businesses, mainly due to the cost factor, another reason is the availability of control panels such as Parallels, Plesk and cPanel in web hosting solutions, and a lot of mail platforms that are also built for Linux.

In the early days, the mail was one of the main applications of web hosting providers had been selling. The availability of stacks of Linux servers has made it easier for enterprises, service providers of programming languages such as MySQL, PHP, etc. to deploy all applications faster.

 Why hosting solutions based on Linux are considered scalable and flexible compared to proprietary options?

Hosting Services on Linux have the advantage of being open source because they are developed by the community, development is much faster compared to the proprietary model, error corrections are carried out by tester volunteers, release updates or security patches, made by the community is quick, also because it is a platform that is shared by the community, there is a lot of innovation and you can see a wide range of creativity, the platform is increasingly robust and unlike scalable applications developed by a single company.

 Are there also dedicated servers and managed solutions on Linux?

Indeed managed and self-managed web hosting solutions are provided on Dedicated and VPS servers. Linux based servers are offered on a variety of platforms. There are even specialized platforms for images or videos. And Excellencies centers dedicated to customer service 24/7 to resolve any problem.

 Do you have any special strategy or special offers for SMEs?

Of course, there is always some kind of offer depending on the segment that request, some prefer things that are based on a kind of model “do it yourself”, some others like to buy dedicated servers, VPS or services based on specific requirements. We also offer solutions instantly.

You can check out our website for more information. We can help you to achieve rapid deployment.

Some organizations do not have the infrastructure and technical support to perform the tasks successfully. If you have this in mind, we offer 24/7 support team to help you with all your requirements and queries.

Check out our VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server plans, specially designed for the needs of your company.

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