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Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting Differences

web hosting vs WordPress hosting web hosting and wordpress hosting difference

You must be well aware of the fact that web hosting services are essential for getting your business on the internet. However, people are still confused about certain concepts. This small guide will focus on web hosting vs WordPress hosting differences. Plus, the article has the easiest language to make it sound simple for businesses and bloggers. If you are getting started with your new business website, this information will be of the utmost help.

Web hosting and WordPress hosting have only slight differences. If web hosting is a box, then WordPress hosting is a part of the box. You can also say it is one of the types of web hosting services, but unique and exclusive.

As I mentioned, any web hosting service is essential to get online. No matter what website you have, it will require hosting services to create a presence on the internet. Otherwise, anybody who searches for your brand’s website on Google will receive zero results. 

Low cost web hosting services have made it easier for businesses/bloggers to create a digital presence. But, it might be difficult for new users to figure out which hosting option is best for their websites, whether it’s web hosting or cheap WordPress hosting.

Well, don’t you worry. I am going to break it down for you in the simplest way. 

What is Web Hosting? 

Web hosting is a service that lets organizations, businesses, bloggers and agencies publish their websites online.

The hosting of websites on the internet helps customers/visitors find these brands. If they don’t host their website on the webserver, they will have no existence in the public’s eye.

There are several web hosting services. Whether you have a small website or a heavy website, which hosting services you choose depends upon the website’s need.

Several web hosting services are as follow –

  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Dedicated Server
  6. Cloud Hosting

Any web hosting service you go for will hold your web content and files on the webserver. That will help visitors to browse your website and its pages.

Generally, small websites work perfectly on shared hosting. It offers server space and resources, which are shared among many users. It provides efficiency and value in its cost but it is easy to outgrow this hosting once the user starts attracting heavy traffic.

VPS and dedicated hosting are generally recommended for high-traffic websites. They offer complete ownership and server space. 

In VPS, you get a virtual private server. While in dedicated hosting, you receive a complete physical server. 

Both web hosting services are dynamic and powerful. It helps businesses expand, rank and generate more sales. Plus, it increases the security and privacy level as well.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is one of the types of web hosting, which offers managed services. It is a unique product that is pre-configured as the WordPress platform.

It has some similarities with shared hosting but works a little differently. Both hosting services are for new and beginners websites. However, shared hosting may not provide the best-in-class experience for a WordPress site, but WordPress hosting can.

If you host a WordPress website on shared hosting, there will be tasks of WordPress installation and configuration. With managed WordPress hosting, such tasks are not an issue.

WordPress hosting is exclusive for WordPress websites. It provides speed up features, ready to install web applications, and an easy to handle interface. Thus, small businesses prefer these optimum WordPress hosting with the fastest managed support.

Additionally, the provider you choose for your website will look after the technical aspects of WordPress hosting. Let’s say you opt for MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting free trial, and then our expert team will take care of the overall process. Of course, the hosting will have pre-installed WordPress and will be configured as such.

They will also take care of updating plugins, monitoring and customizing the hosting timely. 

Web hosting vs WordPress Hosting

What is the difference between Web hosting and WordPress hosting?

Well, there isn’t much difference. Web hosting is a wider concept, and WordPress hosting is one niche under it.

According to reports, 35% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. The reason is it is easy. The platform doesn’t require much technical skills. You can learn and handle it in a few go.

WordPress hosting plans are WordPress optimized. It helps such websites provide fruitful outputs and run efficiently. 

It is not that web hosting/shared hosting cannot offer productive outputs. As WordPress hosting is exclusive and WordPress optimized, it only focuses on the platform’s needs. That is why it helps WordPress websites perform more reliably. 

So, the next time you question yourself which is the best web hosting for WordPress, you know the answer!

Furthermore, web hosting services include VPS and dedicated hosting as well. It is a more general concept that implies the basic hosting configuration with no pre-installed or pre-configured web applications. That is the key difference when comparing web hosting vs WordPress hosting.

If a WordPress website outgrows hosting, mainly WordPress hosting, it will require switching to better hosting. It works great for fresh starts and creating a digital presence. 

Once WordPress websites start receiving heavier traffic, it will require VPS or dedicated hosting. VPS will be the perfect option initially, as it is less expensive and much more powerful.

If you have a WordPress website, you can get the cheapest WordPress hosting plans from MilesWeb, with the best quality.

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting – What is Best For You?

If we are talking about hosting a new website, which is on WordPress, I would suggest WordPress hosting. That will be perfect for your website’s needs.

However, if your website is not on WordPress, you can simply go for shared hosting. Most web hosting providers offer WordPress optimized shared hosting plans. So, even that will work. 

WordPress hosting increases the efficiency and speed of WordPress websites. If you want the site to load smoothly, offer the best user experience, WordPress hosting is perfect.

But, if you have a heavy WordPress website with huge traffic, try VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. Such hosting services will help manage the load and traffic on the site. The load time will also reduce, and you will experience more sales, branding, and authenticity.

Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting – Advantages

Here are some common advantages for both, if you purchase from MilesWeb

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • High Uptime
  • Easy upgrade
  • WordPress optimized
  • Expert support 24/7
  • CDN
  • SSD memory storage
  • Account isolation

Final Words – Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting 

Both hosting services share many similarities, yet they have distinct differences. Web hosting is about all hosting services. Whereas, WordPress hosting is pre-configured for WordPress sites. It is an elite hosting service for the WordPress platform. 

Generally, users consider shared hosting as web hosting. But, shared hosting is also a niche of web hosting. To be honest, it is technically inappropriate to call shared hosting as web hosting.

Plus, If you cannot decide which hosting service to go for, double-check your requirements. It will help you figure out which hosting is perfect for you. 

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